Friday, August 6, 2010

KL ministers make us angry – MP

by Nancy Lai

KOTA KINABALU: Federal ministers should refrain from making statements that hurt the feelings of Sabahans, Putatan member of parliament Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh said.They should also not generalize problems in Sabah with those in Peninsular Malaysia or Sarawak, he added.

Speaking at the signing of the Collective Agreement (CA) between Corporate Dynamics and the Sabah Water Industry Employees Union (KPPIAS) for its unionized employees yesterday, Marcus stressed that the situation in Sabah was different from that in Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

Taking for example the statement by Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam on the government considering the possibility of employing illegal immigrants as foreign workers to meet the high demand from employers, Marcus said that solution would not be appropriate for Sabah.

Marcus, who is also the Corporate Dynamics chairman, pointed out that the illegal immigrant problem was a perennial one for the state and the people here were already upset with the government for being unable to fully resolve it.

“Sabahans want the government to resolve the issue because the number of illegal immigrants in the state is growing. That is why the illegal immigrant issue is very sensitive to Sabahans who deem it a priority issue,” he said.

“We cannot generalise the issues in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak with Sabah because the scenario is different. It is simply not right to say that the government wants to legalise illegal foreign workers so that they can work in the country,” he stressed.

According to Marcus, both SHAREDA and the Federation of Sabah Manufaturers (FSM) were in support of the proposal but this was because locals were not interested to work in their sectors.

“If they ask me whether I agree with the statement to legalize illegal immigrant employees, my answer is no,” Marcus said, adding that what Subramanian said was his personal opinion and did not reflect how leaders in Sabah felt about the issue.

Marcus also appealed to federal ministers visiting Sabah not to make statements that would make it difficult for state leaders to explain to the people.

“They should instead bring in lots of allocation to resolve the perennial problems in the state, like the presence of illegal immigrants and the insufficient water as well as electricity supply.

“They don’t understand the situation in Sabah. How can they say illegals are not a priority? This type of statement angers the rakyat and makes it difficult for leaders in Sabah.

“I am very angry with this kind of statements,” Marcus added.

Source:Borneo Post

Hantu Laut

I would look at it the other way.

Some Federal ministers are not fit to be there.These irritating cocky know it all smart alecs think they are clever at making smart sounding speeches. They are not. The shallowness of some of their statements other than that concerning Sabah are equally much to be desired.

Some bloggers in Peninsula Malaysia are much smarter than some of our federal ministers who 'can't even string two sentences properly let alone say it' (a quote from the Book of Raj)

Sorry, mates! Sabahans think you are just plain stupid, flexing your muscles to intimidate just because you think you are on a higher pedestal.

We have plenty of illegals in Sabah and we have no objection for Mr Subramaniam to take them for employment in Peninsula Malaysia.That would at least help lessen the burden and adverse impact of these aliens on our society. Let us import our labour through the proper channel.

You can have them lock, stock and barrel, after all your minister in the PM's Department Idris Jala who had shown the extent of his intellectual capacity by confirming Najib's policy loud and clear that the illegal problems in Sabah is not a priority and a non issue as far as the Federal government is concerned.

Even if it is not, why don't you just shut up and keep it to yourself instead of embarrassing the prime minister.Now, that you have said it, it would be ammo for the oppositions in the next GE.

You see, stupefying power is not necessary the best policy and can make one look stupid.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

You have said before that you were a CEO, etc, etc.
Tell me...when the CEO makes a wrong decision by placing idiots in important positions...what happens?
He either gets rid of these idiots or if he still keeps them then the Company gets rid of the CEO.
So Najib continuously places turkeys in his what do you think we should do now?!
Go figure...
As usual...when Keadilan people make mistakes, you blame DSAI BUT when Cabinet Ministers & BN people make mistakes, why don't you blame their boss (the PM)?!