Monday, August 9, 2010

'Let Sabah deal with the illegal immigrants'

Hantu Laut

Obviously, the Federal government showed no interest in resolving the problem for political reasons.

This man should be made a Sabah minister. He has more sense and balls than some of our ministers who kowtowed to the Federal government who had acted most irresponsibly toward Sabah on the illegal immigrants issue.

A resolution should be passed at the State Legislative Assembly to ask the Federal government to hand over the responsibility to the state to get rid of the illegals.

By Ivan Ho

LAHAD DATU: A senior Barisan Nasional member here has called on the federal government to stop dragging its feet on the illegal immigrant issue in Sabah.

"There is no more need for studies or laboratories. It is time for action. If the federal government can’t do it, then give us the authority, financial resources and all the logistical help and we will do the job," Silam BN secretary, Kassim Sulaiman, said yesterday.

He said the illegal immigrant issue is a federal matter and the federal government should understand the legitimate fear that Sabahans harbour about being outnumbered by foreigners.

"Today, this issue has changed the demographic, economic and political landscape of Sabah and if left unchecked, is detrimental to Sabah's interest."

Kassim, who is also a Lahad Datu district councillor, said it was regrettable that the federal government was not acting simply because the issue was not deemed important (as stated by Minister in the Prime Minister Department Idris Jala in Kota Kinabalu recently).

"The federal government can't say that the problem of illegal immigrants is of no national importance and thus cannot be included in the NKRA (National Key Result Areas).

"The federal leaders know that Sabah has contributed so much to the country economically and politically, and so they should give priority to our main concern – the presence of illegals in the state.

"The attitude shown by the federal government is disappointing because Sabah, as a component of the nation, should be accorded better treatment."

Constitutional arrangement

Kassim said the fall of Sabah from one of the richest states in Malaysia to one of the poorest was alarming.

He added that he was made to understand that nothing concrete has come out from the laboratory studies on the (illegal immigrant) issue though recommendations had been made to federal government.

"Sabah is important to BN and as the second largest Umno state, it could play a pivotal role (in the country's politics). Therefore, Sabah's concerns are important," he said.

The federal government has no option but to include the illegal immigrant issue in the NKA, he said.

"Alternatively, through constitutional arrangement, equip Sabah with the power and adequate resources to deal with the matter.”

Source:Free Malaysia Today

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Purple Haze said...

This seems similar to the "Arizona law" issue in the US.

Illegal immigration is under the auspices of the Federal govt but because the Fed govt is seemingly not doing anything about it, Arizona enacted some laws to enforce what is already included in the federal laws.

But there is political push back.

Some local councils like Los Angeles voted to discontinue any dealings with Arizona based companies to "teach them a lesson." Bad move as LA's water supply could be cut and some of the maintenance of their traffic systems are done by Arizonan companies. Feebly, they have backtracked from their tough stance !!!

But the politics remains.