Saturday, August 21, 2010

UMNO Spinners:The Yarn That Lost Its Tale

Hantu Laut

I call it scraping the bottom of the barrel, to choose from among the worsts.One man's worst could be another man's best.If that the best the UMNO propagandists can deliver only divine intervention can save them from falling into the pit of fire.

They do everything right not to kill the oppositions but to kill themselves.A countenance more in sorrow than in anger.

Am I angry? No! I am bemused and sad that the concept of government that I think is best for this nation is now governed by infantile or should I use the more abrasive word 'imbeciles'

I am not supporter of Pakatan.I personally do not like Anwar Ibrahim.Don't ask me why, I just don't like him, it's instinctive.They also spinned lots of nonsense but does UMNO needs to outdo them and more dangerously.

What do I get? A bunch of clowns running the UMNO spinning machines.

The spins are so evenly implausible even the yarn has lost its tale.

If stupid is as stupid can be, are we Malaysians born yesterday, are we a nation of Forrest Gumps, can't tell left from right, right from wrong, black from white and true from false?

Are we bought on such things as banners and posters that call for Chua Jui Meng to be menteri besar of Johor by Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan, a new Malaysian constitution drawn up by Pakatan to replace the existing one and if that is not enough why not add more embellishments like sprinkling it with some sensitive religious issues and one that is so ridiculous it would not even baffle the most confused mind.

Whatever happened to the imams in Penang mosques, have they gone bonkers? Can't they tell who the head of this nation is? Have they had amnesia or did Lim Guan Eng forced them to replace the Agong' name with his?

Then there was this talk of the coming of doom, a war konon!

UMNO is in need of serious overhaul, many of its parts have broken down, engine is backfiring and emitting too much obnoxious fumes.Ignore it, the ship will be limping into port come next........GE.

To cut it short, the only thing I can say to Prime Minister Najib, sack the guy at Utusan Malaysia before he can do more damage to the peace and harmony of this nation.

You have the power, do it, before they undo you.


Anonymous said...

Well said bro HL


The Unspinners Kembali said...

On the Penang mosque, read further our posting tonight.

Maybe ... UMNO spinners spin and maybe not, but how do you compare to Pakatan's voluminous spinning?

They play a spin on accusation of murder!

A murder has allegation has not been proven for 4 years since 2006!

There is TBH murder allegation and it turns out there have a cooperating handsomely paid doctor with a questionable reputation from abroad.

gram.kong said...

Sorry Unspinners,I don't mean you in particular, we are just small fish in a big pond compared to Utusan Malaysia which has very wide readership.

I don't usually read Utusan Malaysia but if it is controversial than I would.I think, someone or a group in Utusan had beome overzealous in some of their spins.

gram.kong said...


The bad spins are hurting Najib's 1 Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for seeing things in their correct perspective. We are not opposing UMNO because of PR but UMNO's action which need to be opposed.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

HL - why are you so sure that there is going to be a next election.......

the spinners will work things up so that there will not be an election for several years while the country is completely plundered.


Anonymous said...

All the big corruption cases....billions stolen...were these spin as well??

eddy said...

Bro, the 1Malaysia slogan is being hijacked by everybody from both sides of the political divide to suit their own agenda.

I seriously think now that the 1Malaysia slogan has not been given a really thorough thought before it was officially announced.

Both Tengku Razaleigh and Dr Mahathir have much reservation about 1Malaysia, now, if two politicians who never see to eye in politics can agree to disagree with the 1Malaysia slogan then I think PM Najib should step back a bit before he move two steps further forward.

As for UMNO spinners, BN needs them to counterspin the PR spin Bro, its a bloody war in cyberspace Bro where no quarter is given nor asked, there is no Geneva Convention here.

The first 1 year after march 2008, its almost a way street for PR spinners but after PM sleepyhead forced retirement and PM Najib's elevation it seems that UMNO spinners has been able to recover lost ground from the PR spins lead by Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today.


Anonymous said...

I think Amno spin masters must learn one or two things from the opponents. For example, no matter how much Bukit Lanjan's scandal affects pakatan's image or no matter how strong a khutbah issue affect their momentum, we probably will never heard the word 'sack' coming out from the mouth as that word and accompanying issues are quickly and smartly swept under the carpet.

SM said...

Bro HL,

What do you expect when you have Utusan Malaysia in the think of things? And yes, you once said that you don't read the UM so you can't comment on them! You still keeping the blinkers on then?
So you are saying you don't know why you don't like DSAI now?! Geeze!

Bro Eddy,

You guys still blaming Pak Lah?! Hahahaha! I hope the BN kees this up! Only a matter of time before the next GE!

eddy said...

1. SM Hi Bro, Remember the old saying he who laugh first, cry last..don't be so over confident, the next GE would not be a walkover for Pakatan just based on what is going on in cyberspace, BN is not easy meat it has ruled Malaysia for more than 5 decades, it is a very wily well oiled political machine. The quarrels you see are just dramas to divert attention and keep Pakatan supporters like you entertained he,he.

2. Anon 4:32am, if you have not noticed lately the rubbish under the Pakatan Carpet is about to come out, there is no place to sweep the rubbish under pakatan little carpet anymore and the Carpet is looking dangerously uneven. Just need a little toe stumble before all the rubbish comes out, Elly photos and all that sand and the support letters, Islam, Hudud issue etc,etc. I am buying a nice arm chair to watch all the fun, he,he.

Purple Haze said...

I agree with Eddy's comment that the next GE is not a walkover for PR. They will still be the underdogs as the BN is still the incumbent party.

But as we can witness at the present, there is much soul searching that needs to be done in-house to make the BN platform palatable for the masses. Either that or make more statements to the effect of "I'll help you if you help me" without sounding like a bribe !!!

Also agree with Eddy that the PR has lots of dirt that has been elevated to the public view via the MSM. Unfortunately, internet access is still lacking in the rural areas for the excesses of the BN to be disseminated to the masses in the hinterland.

And I am sure that there is more dirt in the BN than in PR. We have already seen lots of abuses already to make Malaysians shake their heads in disbelief at the plundering of our beautiful country.