Sunday, August 24, 2014

Will There Be D-Day For Selangor And Pakatan?

Hantu Laut

 As I have said in my recent post "Khalid Samad Outrage, Is the Royal Institution Under Threat?" there  seemed to be immense fear among Pakatan leaders that the Sultan may agree to a dissolution of the state assembly to resolve the Selangor impasse.

The regularly-cited constitutional expert Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari is a partisan pro-Pakatan supporter. Almost all of his prognoses in the past had been approbation of Pakatan Rakyat and antagonism of the ruling party.  Story here.

A question I would like to ask our learned professor how he arrived at his own logic that Khalid is a caretaker menteri besar? As far as the constitution is concerned a government only become a caretaker  after dissolution of the assembly and until such time the same or new government is installed, in most cases after completion of polling and the winner with a clear majority is established. In Khalid's case his government is still a going concern as there was no dissolution of the assembly yet.

For all intents and purposes Khalid Ibrahim is still the legitimate menteri besar accorded him under the Selangor constitution until such time a vote of no confidence is brought against him in the legislative assembly, or substantive evidence is presented to the Sultan that Khalid had lost majority support of members of the assembly. Until then Khalid is not a caretaker menteri besar. 

If he so wish, the Sultan can demand all 56 of the assemblymen to be present in front of him for him to determine the lost of confidence in Khalid Ibrahim, or the Sultan can ignore all that and allow dissolution of the assembly.

These Pakatan folks are one of a kind, they can without a flicker of guilt, right what is wrong and wrong what is right.

Remember the Perak debacle? How they wanted a snap poll after they lost the government to BN. How they ridiculed and harassed the Sultan of Perak and brought him into public odium and contempt.

The whole episode started when Pakatan inticed BN Nasaruddin Hashim to crossover to Pakatan. Even though they had formed the government in Perak, they were foolish enough to go on a wild hunt to steal BN assemblyman. 

Anwar, as always, the lousy chess player was outwitted by the wily foxes in BN, who not only succeeded in getting Nasaruddin back to BN, but brought along with him three Pakatan assemblymen. The departure of the three caused the collapse of the Pakatan government in Perak. 

Obviously, the Perak's mess had not taught Anwar a lesson. 

What the Sultan and majority of Malaysians know of Khalid's ouster and lost of confidence had been through the media, pro-Pakatan news portals blogs and directly from the Pakatan secretariat. The Sultan have not had an audience with Pakatan leaders yet to determine Khalid's fate.

Some Pakatan leaders and pro-Pakatan news portal/blogs are already having a field day pouring scorn on the Sultan even before he decides on the issue.

Initially,  PAS sided with Khalid and refused to accept Wan Azizah as replacement for Khalid, but after being lampooned by PKR and DAP,  bowed to the wishes of Anwar, PKR and DAP to put only Anwar's wife as  sole candidate for menteri besar, hoping to corner the Sultan into submission, leaving him no choice but to accept Wan Azizah. 

Article 53 (2) a..... gives the Sultan absolute and unfettered power to decide according to his judgement.The Sultan may or may not accept Wan Azizah.
Would Anwar accept if the Sultan rejected his wife and asked for new names to be submitted to him, or would he organise a street's party to seek justice?

Will there be dissolution day for Selangor and Pakatan?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Khalid Samad Outrage, Is the Royal Institution Under Threat?

Hantu Laut

I am surprise that Khalid Samad had taken the bull by its horn to ridicule the constitutional power of the Sultan of Selangor by using netizen's comments as a barometer to gauge the people's hostility toward the Sultan's absolute power,  a lie concocted to confuse the people, the Sultan has no absolute (mutlak) power. Story here.

As a lawmaker Khalid Samad should know better that the Sultan of Selangor and for that matter all the sultans in this country do not have absolute power. They only have constitutional power accorded to them under the constitution of their respective state.

I produce below the relevant section of the Selangor state constitution of the Sultan's power in the appointment of menteri besar:

I suppose the whole of the Pakatan gang is now worried that they may have to face the truth that the Sultan has the power given under Article 53 (2) a to ask for dissolution of the Assembly if it's in his judgement that Wan Azizah is not likely to enjoy majority support of the house. 

You can produce 40 signatures to show majority support for Wan Azizah, but it would still be up to the Sultan to accept or not to accept the majority resolution if he has any reasonable doubt.

This is the first time a Malay lawmaker had openly ridiculed the power of the sultan and used a rather stupid measure of netizen comments as opinion poll to justify his reproach of the Sultan even before the Sultan had acted on the matter.

For Khalid Samad information all comments that appeared in pro-Pakatan news portal such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronicle, Free Malaysia Today and so forth are filtered to allow only pro-Pakatan voices to get through and any adverse or anti-Pakatan comments are deleted on the spot.How he used it as a kind of opinion poll is difficult to understand.

Looking at the chain of events in Selangor and the angst against the Sultan will the monarchy system be under threat should Pakatan Rakyat come to power at the Federal level?

Unlikely, but with the rumbles of discontent one wouldn't know what the future beholds.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shameful! Hadi Awang Should Resign Or Take PAS Out Of Pakatan!

Hantu Laut

Panas-panas tahi ayam! is a Malay idiom, which literally means as hot as the chicken shit that fizzles out very fast.

PAS President Hadi Awang has lost his mojo, the party decision sabotaged and reversed!

Read more below:

I really don't care whatever happened to Khalid, it's water under the bridge, that's no more the issue.

The pertinent question now is, can PAS be trusted ?

A man is only good as his word. PAS is now the biggest laughing stock for the entire world to see.

If Hadi Awang had any more self-respect left in him, he should resign as president, or take PAS out of Pakatan.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tony Pua: Khalid Ibrahim Extremely Honest And Hardworking Menteri Besar

Hantu Laut

The speech was made by Tony Pua on 5 Feb 2014 praising MB Khalid Ibrahim as being an honest and hardworking menteri besar.

Within a matter of months Khalid Ibrahim has turned from honest-to-goodness Mr Clean to a devious double-dealing Mr Crooked.

Mr Pua, what happened to your outstanding ovation for Khalid Ibrahim?

Poor guy, someone must have squeezed his balls to toe the party line .