Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pembangkang "Panas Panas Tahi Ayam"

Hantu Laut

I feel sorry for all the Pakatan supporters, who put so much faith in their quirky and unreliable elected representatives, who promised them heaven and hell to change the face and fate of this country for the better, if they were given a chance to govern. 

What happened in Parliament recently has shown that they prefer their beauty sleep over the promise of making the country a better place for everyone. They failed their first test big time.

Due to absence of many of their MPs, they have allowed the government to pass another repressive law.

To make thing worse, they are now making excuses for their irresponsible act and inaptitude.


It’s a matter of principle, Wong Chen

If that was the case why the need to attend Parliament at all, might as well all of them stay at home?

It's so much easier taking defeatist attitude........... ain't it?

Inilah pembangkang yang hanya "PANAS PANAS TAHI AYAM"


Anonymous said...

Your logic is as screwed up as you are. It was BN MPs who voted the bill into effect. But then again, you dumno bloggers are not known for your smarts anyways

gram.kong said...

Anonymous 1.12PM,

Your understanding of English is as screwed as your stupidity.

Purple Haze said...

Interestingly, the UMNO leadership is training its guns towards none other than Tun Dr M, who posed questions that the Opposition put forward.

While I am not a great fan of Tun Dr M, I applaud him for bringing up the important issues of the day that the rakyat want straight answers.

Let'see if our Twitter IGP will haul in this old man for sedition.