Sunday, July 15, 2007



How many more innocent lives have to be extinguished before the rest of the world wake up to the genocide and atrocities committed by a government on its own people. Wasn't Rwanda a grim reminder of our failure to intervene and stop the massacre of millions of innocent men, women and children. Why has America, who asserted itself as the global policemen, took no interest in the genocide in Darfur ? Was it because Muslims killed Muslims, so let it be ? Even more shocking were the speeches by representatives from various Arabs countries that doubted the existence of such atrocities. Was it because Arabs killing black Africans, so let it be ? Is the UN a whore, as mentioned by the Executive Director of the UN Watch on Human Rights.

The UN is definitely whoring itself to the big and powerful. It is a do nothing and good for nothing organisation as far as security of its citizens are concerned. Its human rights watch is a joke.Over the past two decades the world have seen atrocious abuse of human rights and massacre of innocent and helpless people in many parts of the world and what have the UN done in term of intervention and prevention of further loss to human lives ? From the killing fields of Cambodia, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, mass tribal killing in Rwanda to the genocide in Chechnya, the UN has not been able to intervene and contain the bloodshed. It has failed miserably to protect the hapless victims of human rights abuse.

The Iraq War, was testimony of its weakness when the US and Britain unilaterally decided to invade Iraq.The Security Council was a lame duck and other members were helpless as America, the most powerful of the lot, bullied the rest into acquiescence. What justification the Occident have to wage war on another sovereign nation.

Many of us looked upon the United States as the epitome of freedom and justice. I was once a great believer and supporter of America's sanctity of freedom and human rights. After having seen their conducts over the past decade I have completely lost faith in the sincerity and truthfulness of what they preached. Who is responsible for the daily killing of innocent civilians in Iraq ? If Iraq was not invaded would such atrocities have occurred ? As long as America stays in Iraq the killing will continue.Once they leave, Iraq will disintegrate.It's another one of the many follies of America's foreign policy.

In March 1998 on a visit to Rwanda, President Bill Clinton said "We come here today partly in recognition of the fact that we in the United States and the world community did not do as much as we could have and should have done to limit what occurred in Rwanda". An ex President of United States who claimed he didn't know the intensity of the problem, that's why America didn't act. Would you believe him ? In fact, the United States did virtually nothing. The Hutu government and its militiamen murdered almost 1.0 million Tutsi using firearms, machetes and a variety of garden implements.It was the fastest and most efficient killing spree of the twentieth century.

The killing of innocent civilians by state sponsored militiamen, the Janjaweed still continue unabated. Are we going to stand still and let the genocide continue ? We maybe helpless but America is not.



Mat Salo said...

Sir, just let you know, I've read ALL that you've written ... and !was thoroughly awestruck and gobsmacked!

Your analysis are spot-on and so-very well written, Sir! Needless to say, I share your way of thinking too...

I feel honored and priveleged that you have linked mine to yours. In fact it should be the other way around, so please pardon me. Am I correct to assume you hail from the Land Below the Wind? It's such a wonderful place, and you're right, the people there take much better care of their hired-help than people from "samananjong".

I guess thru' my blog you've read my Sudan experiences. I just HAD to leave that place. I find it morally wrong to aid that regime that keep perpetrating terrible abuses to its people. So I threatened to quit if they won't transfer me.

And that's how I found myself in the mangrove swamps of the vast Mahakam delta...

Again, thanks, and keep up the good work!

Hantu Laut said...

Mat salo,
Yes, I am on the same island as you.Yes, from The Land Below The Wind.I have read your story to Sudan and am very impressed with your eyes for details and your literary skill is unquestionable.You would definitely make a good English writer.I look forward to more interesting stories from you.

Sudan is another human tragedy that the rest of the world have decided to close their eyes to.I used to travel quite a bit to the Middle East and Northern African countries before.It is a heart-rending reality that most trouble spots in the world today are in Muslim nations.

Thank you very much for your reciprocity.