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From the New Straits Times on 18th Aug 2007.

For girlfriend's comfort, man now pays dearly

SHAH ALAM: A man who accepted RM17,600 as graft to rent a condominium for his girlfriend was jailed and fined by the Sessions Court.
Md Zaki Fadzil Maon, 46, a former general manager of Guthrie Furniture Sdn Bhd, was sentenced to five years’ jail and fined RM160,000 on 16 counts of corrupt practices committed eight years ago.

He was found guilty of receiving 16 cheques amounting to RM17,600 from Abdul Razak Abdul Latif, a managing director of Syarikat Hala Sdn Bhd and Syarikat Saluran Harapan Sdn Bhd, to award contracts for the supply of furniture to the two companies.

It reminds me whenever I go sport fishing for merlin, yellowfin tuna or other big quarry. Unless you have the patience, stamina and skill, chances are you would lose them.

This stupid guy is going to end up ten years in prison if he can't pay up the hefty fine. A sexual tryst that has become a noose round his neck and a shamefully painful lesson that comes a little too late.Is the sentence commensurate with the crime committed? Is it travesty of justice ? What about the giver who squealed after a soured relationship, shouldn't he be punished too?

The big ones that recently got away.

1.Eric Chia, cleared by the court of any criminal act.

2.Ex ACA Director, given clean Bill of Health by the AG (Attorney-General)

3.The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, given clean Bill of Health by the AG

4.The IGP, given clean Bill of Health by the AG.

What about the multi millionaire policeman who asked for further extension of two weeks to declare his assets.His wealth must be huge as he couldn't declare it within the given time frame. Will he gets away too?

A lesson to be learnt in Malaysia.If you want to steal, think big and steal big. You may end up with a lesser sentence or get off, scot free.

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kittykat46 said...

Heheheh, I once listened to a motivational speaker teaching "When you think, think big".

So Bolehland has a new spin on this - "When you want to steal, steal big"