Friday, September 21, 2007

Malaysia's Currupt Legal System - CAUGHT ON TAPE


I first saw this video on Anwar Ibrahim's website.I posted a comment as shown below.

"How do you know the person at the other end of the line was Tun Ahmad Fairuz ? You can only hear the voice and video of VK Lingam.

Isn't it against the law to bug or tape somebody's conversation without the person knowledge and consent, I am not sure, maybe, someone can enlighten me.

Someone appeared to be holding the camera in the initial stage and by now Lingam would know who the person is,unless he himself set it up"

As usual, typical of most of our bloggers anything not in their favour, they wouldn't post.My comment was rejected by Anwar Ibrahim.

I think the question I asked is pertinent.Why the objection to post it, I just couldn't understand

I still couldn't figure out how this stupid man couldn't sense someone was taping his conversation only a few feet away from him.

Is this man so powerful, to be able to arrange the promotion of judges and award of Tan Sri to judges of his choice ? Was the recording made to prove to his friends and clients how influential and powerful he was, pretending as if someone had illegally taped his conversation and let that someone show it to the people he wanted to impress ? If the tape was made in 2002, why wasn't it released earlier or during the last election ? Why it took the guy who made it almost five years to see the value it would give the opposition to gain political mileage.The police must investigate the case from all angles.

I wouldn't doubt there are some dishonest judges in this country. Some judges may not be as sober (not alcohol, integrity) as they should be.The judiciary is the last bastion of justice, the failure of which, would take this country down the road to anarchy.

If the conversation was real and the tape was authentic, than this country is in deep trouble.

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