Monday, October 29, 2007



Shown below is part of an interview by NST with Nazri, the de facto Minister of Law.I find special interest in the following comments.

Q: There is less than two weeks for people to come forward with what they have. Are you hoping that they will?

A: I hope so. We set up the panel to investigate the authenticity of the tape.

Come forward, lah. Apa nak takut? Takkan kita nak bantai orang kita! (What’s there to be afraid of? We won’t beat up our own people!)

Every five years, we put ourselves up as candidates for election. If we do something wrong, do you think that people will let you go just like that? No way!

Can Nazri assures that the person who came forward wouldn't be tortured to extract information from him like what had happened to Abdul Malek Hussein, the ISA detainee. The police had been known for their torture method on criminals and political detainees ?There were a number of cases where prisoners under remand died while in police custody. How could this clueless Minister, or maybe he thinks Malaysians are all stupid to believe him say "Apa nak takut? Takkan kita nak bantai orang kita!.The ACA are also known to have mentally torture an accused person using long interrogation method to wear the person down. Even a powerful ex Deputy Prime Minister had been physically abused while in prison what chance would you think the common people have against such police brutality.

The Minister spent too much time in his comfort zone and are oblivious to the fact that many Malaysians are now more afraid of the police than the criminals. The rise in crimes and organised crimes over the past few years were the result of the government having lost control of the police force.The police are now run Mafioso style.

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Mat Salo said...

No, I wouldn't trust him one bit..