Monday, December 3, 2007



Darfur, is where it is.That's where genocide and ethnic cleansing existed.That's where Muslims killed Muslims.That's where government appointed militia raped and killed black African Muslims.

In Malaysia ? No.It's only a figment of imagination of the devil incarnate, P.Uthayakumar, a member of the law fraternity ,treacherous,deceitful and unpatriotic.A pathological liar,a snake in the grass, seeking personal glory at the expense of the nation.

He is now going international to seek recognition of his journey of self-glorification.

Does he really care about the plight of the percieved persecution of the Indian Tamils? If he does, shouldn't he stays in Malaysia and fight for their rights with the government.

What can India,Britain,America or any other country,for that matter, do to help the Indian Tamils in Malaysia ?

DARFUR, is, where help is needed from the international community.


Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
There is rambling in Malaysia today that all this Hindraf thing is a doing of KJ. The logic behind it seems to be the non action by the authorities on the organizers of the rally. Dunno who to believe now. Oak lah seems to be losing his grip on everything except on Jeanne.

Hantu Laut said...


I am not sure of the veracity of that, knowing Malaysians are verve and vitality for rumour mongering.If it is true, than they are playing a dangerous game.

With Hindraf did could be a blessing for Badawi, the Malays will close ranks and we are back to square one, weak opposition.

Hindraf has thrown a spanner in the works.

It is obvious that Badawi has lost his grip.He should have attended to the rumblings in the Indian community earlier, instead of sweeping it under the carpet.I personally think he is not a bad person but surrounded by bad and sycophantic people.His ambitious son-in-law is adding salt to his wound.

Anonymous said...

Many of us here have indeed forgotten to be thankful.
Read this:

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks.I have put a link to that blog.It's an honest opinion from an Indian in India.

You are right.Sometimes, we don't know our blessings.

gangeticus said...

Rather than reading the escape-from-india rant of a anti hindu, anti indian, why can't you put up the link to someone who really did ESCAPE FROM MALAYSIA!

Here's the link:

Hantu Laut said...

I have put a link to the site.The writer is not a Malaysian,therefore, it is not appropriate to say she escape from Malaysia.She said she was a student.Why would an Indian go to Malaysia to study when the standard of education is equally good or even better in India. Could she be a bride to a Malaysian Indian man ?

You probably are not aware that many Indian families,because of the caste system, go to India to look for brides for their sons, if they can't find a suitable one in Malaysia.I happened to have a friend from school days, whom was taken to India to marry a girl of their parents choice.

The Indians, because of their strong culture,have not assimilated well with the locals.The Malays have the same problem due to religion.

There is no anti-Hindu or anti-Indian in Malaysia.There are many successful Indian professionals and individuals in this country.The richest man in Malaysia is a Sri Lankan Tamil.Many of the top lawyers and doctors are Indians.We have Indian Ministers in our Federal cabinet.We have university for Indians.Many Indians work in our banking sector.For 8% of the population the Indians had more than they could bargain for.

The poor Indians in this country had been made used of and taken for a ride by a few selfish individuals seeking personal glory.

It maybe true some Hindu temples were demolished as they were illegally squatting on government or private land.I agree the government should have been more sensitive and handle the case in more amicable manner.

You would like to ask yourself how come there were no demolition of churches and Chinese temples?

Part of the problem are the Indian themselves.The well-to-do Indians looked down upon the poor ones and the caste system made it worse.

gangeticus said...
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gangeticus said...

"The richest man in Malaysia is a Sri Lankan Tamil."

Is this the same token Tamil who, in fact, made his money elsewhere and brought it back here to be invested?

Are we talking about the same person?

Why do you guys keep parading this guy every chance you get?

During the time of the Nazis, the richest people in Germany were actually the Jews! Ask the Swiss banks if you trust me.

gangeticus said...

Sorry, I meant:
"...if you don't trust me."

SM said...


Unfortunately Gangeticus is correct, we always parade Ananda Krishnan when it comes to rich Indians in Malaysia (unless I am mistaken, I don't think Ananda is the richest Malaysian anymore, that title belongs to Robert Kuok).
Yes, there are lots of successful Indian Malaysian Doctors & Lawyers. However, I think Samy Velu is the only Indian Minister in the Federal Cabinet.
However, I don't think a few successful Indians represent the whole Malaysian Indian population.
I think you are right, the Indians have themselves to blame. The Chinese help each other out...especially in Business & Education. You seldom see the Indians doing that. They always "turn" to back to India (yes I have friends who go back to India to choose their brides!
Talking to friends, I think most Indians feel MIC has been ineffective in helping them (look how strong the MCA is). Thus sadly, HINDAF is now an alternative!
However, whatever your opinions are, again I strongly feel that Demonstrations have never been in our Malaysian culture. It's just not us!
Again, take a leaf out of the recent Australian Elections. They showed Howard how they felt!

Hantu Laut said...

I quoted Ananda Krishnan as an example of freedom of enterprise and non-intervention by the government for those who had the capability and determination to do what they desire.He may have made some money outside,but most of it was made in Malaysia through a few of his listed companies.

There are also poor Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak who lived below the poverty line, so, it is not fair to say the Indians are poor because of discrimination.

I think what happened recently was more due to anger of the Hindu community for the demolition of their temples, which should not have happened, if those over zealous and arrogant civil servants had acted in a prudent and amicable manner.

Part of the blame should also go to those Malays who spearheaded the BERSIH demo, especially people like Anwar Ibrahim, who should know better the consequences of seeking justice in the street.He had been a radical activist during his younger days and,sadly,things hadn't changed much with him.He may have been unfairly treated by Mahathir and UMNO, but whatever one does, it must not be at the expense of the security of the nation and safety of its people.

Hindraf reckless and bold action was inspired by the BERSIH demo.

Uthayakumar and few of those masterminds are suffering from persecution complex and have personal agenda of their own without due care to the peace and harmony of the nation.

In an interview with the New Paper in Singapore, he has not rule out violence against the government.He should be arrested and charged for treason, not ISA.

ISA would be a waste of time.

Hantu Laut said...

A comment I posted on Sharanya's blog.

Dear Sharanya,

"You painted a wrong picture a country which is more tolerant toward other minority races compared to many other countries including India.

The Malays shared political power with the Chinese and Indians, which they don't have to.With the Chinese it makes more sense because they are big minority, with the Indians they really don't have to, if they want to be nasty and unfair.

The few instigators,including the shithead called Utayakumar,are doing great injustice to the peaceful Indian community by instigating them to break the law and go against the government.He is suffering from serious inferiority and persecution complex and a danger to his own community and the nation.

He should be locked up.

If you think Malaysia was so bad,why did you stay for seventeen years? Do you have to wait that long to find out?"

Mat Salo said...


Top be honest I don't know what to make of it. I am a bit circumspect because P. Uthayakumar is a lawyer, and lawyers by nature are careful about what they say. I'm more inclined (I hope?) to think that he was misquoted by New Paper. I certainly hope so because if it was true then he certainly is a monster. By nature I am always ready to give someone the benefit of the doubt. But one thing for sure the guy has certainly put more doubts in my mind!

As for Darfur, I had lived and worked in Sudan's Christian rebel-controlled territory in the South but went nowhere near Darfur. It's actually far in the East. True, that's where the real genocide is but I don't have first hand knowledge of the situation there since no one inside Sudan, save the people in Darfur, knows what actually goes on in there. Imagine this is a country where I can arrested for just toting a camera in Khartoum, so hard news is hard to come by. But let me tell you this. I became friends with some minor rebel commanders, and while I was there it questioned me my faith, where I stand as Muslim and a human being. It shames me to say these Christian rebels are human beings first and Christians second. I can't say the same for the 'Pseudo-Arab' Muslim majority there, who think nothing of engaging janjaweeds or carpet-bombing villages (moslem or christians no matter - only 'arab'-muslims count) wholesale.

That was the reason I chose not to have anything to do in making that regime prosper...

SM said...

Mat Salo,

It's true what you say about lawyers being careful what they say!
I think Uthayakumar said "exactly what he wanted to say"! Meaning he wanted to get maximun effects. You have to give it to this guy. a couple of weeks ago I never even heard of HINDRAF. Now? Most Malaysians have heard of them (not to mention many Western Countries who "feel" they are the guardians of Democracy & Freedom!).
By the way, what do you guys think about the IGP claiming that HINDRAF garnering support from Terrorists Groups?! I don't know, are the authorities becoming a little too desperate?!

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,
I doubt he was misquoted.He is not doing the Indian community any good by such acrimonious utterances.Even if he didn't mean it, he has lost all credibility with those who sympathised with his cause in the early stage.I have many Indian friends and not all agree with his approach to the problem.There is some truth to the claim that Indian community had been sidelined and discriminated.

Even in within the Malay community, to much lesser degree, Malays not in UMNO or its supporters are also sidelined from sharing the economic pie.

He forgot he is dealing with a government that is deaf, blind,tough and uncompromising.

Hantu Laut said...

I think the IGP is making the allegation to justify the action taken against the protestors.

In today's news the AG said a thorough investigation would have to be conducted before any legal action could be taken against HINDRAF.

So, these two statements are conflicting.The left and right hands not in sync.