Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hantu Laut

I am not in agreement with what the government has done to stop peaceful demonstrations. On the same note I wouldn't have any sympathy for the Hindraf's organisers who used children to go on the streets to further their dangerous political agenda.

Such selfish action taken by them involving children is appalling and should not be tolerated. They try to use psychological blackmail by using innocent and clueless children to plead to the PM to accede to their demands.Even more disgusting are those parents who lent their children without any consideration for their safety. What are they trying to teach those children at such tender ago ? Learn how to protest and how to defy authority ?

The children are brought along so the police will not use tear gas and water cannon on them due to the presence of those children. They are using them as human shield and would blame the government should any harm befall the children.They underestimated the niceties of the Malaysian police.

What happened today was a clear indication that those in Hindraf are desperate and would use whatever method to get what they wanted.

Hindraf, please leave the children alone.


Purple Haze said...

I agree with you that children should not be used for reasons that you stipulated.

Parallel to that, I have the same emotion regarding the use of children in the Palestinian uprising. Same words that you used, just changing the players.

Children of the world should not be made guilty of the sins of others.

Hantu Laut said...

purple haze,

I would say the same for any children any where in the world be they Palestinian, Afghans or any such atrocious use of children.

We all should not tolerate this act of cowardice.I am also sadden that some from the blogosphere who sympathise with Hindraf think it is quite alright to include children.

Akmal said...

I've been wondering this too for all this time. Why children? They are simply innocent to understand all this hassles. Maybe they are a good weapon, maybe they are a good shield, maybe they are a good whatever, but what about those who use these children? Now with the reaction from the G, they are now more or less traumatize with what they faced. Is that what we want?
Now we Malaysian has become the culprit.

SM said...


I agree that children should not be used in a Demonstration. However, in this case there are lots of "Grey Areas". The children were there to give roses to the PM.
If the PM had been there to accept the roses don't you think there would not have been any problems?
As for HINDRAF being desperate, I doubt it. MIC (especially Semi Value) is desperate. The MIC has shown that it is ineffective. The BN has shown that the Indians are not worth their (the BN's) time & trouble.
If it weren't for HINDRAF, you bet Semi Value, MIC & the Government would still be "sleeping" when it came to the Indians.
The PDRM (Police Di-Raja Malaysia) should change their name to Polis Di-Barisan National (PDBN). They don't work for King & Country. They are the private polis of the Government & not the people. They forget who "really" pays their "gaji".
There was no need for Water Cannons & Tear Gas yeaterday.
Look at what happened in the Philippines last Friday, there was a massive Demonstration against their President, but as far as I know, there was no untoward incidents.
One thing for sure, you can bet those of us who have been sitting "on the fence" watching & wondering what to do, will "know" exactly what to do when the time comes for voting.
SHAME on the Malaysian Police & BN Government.

Hantu Laut said...


You can criticise, demonstrate or throw out the government but children should not be a part of it.

Use the electoral process to kick out Samy and the rest of his gang and put up Indians of their choice as candidates in the coming polls, nobody will stop them,the government wouldn't stop them, even the dogs wouldn't stop them.

Just don't use children bearing flowers.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you to certain extent.It is true Samy and his gang have not been looking after the interests of the Indian community.He has failed miserably otherwise Hindraf wouldn't come into existance.Now is the chance for the Indian community to kick them out and put up candidates of their choice.

Do they have to demonstrate every now and then to show their displeasure ? There are other constructive ways to send your message across to the government,one of it is the ballot box.

We are walking on a tightrope.We can make this country stay peaceful and beautiful or we can wreck it, it's out choice.

Use the ballot box, deny the BN the 2/3.

SM said...


Yup, agreed.
However, with the 200,000 Postal Votes they have "in the bag", I pray that they can really be denied the 2/3rds Majority (I hear that there are 6,000 Postal Votes allocated for Bkt. Bintang, one of the few "strong-holds" of the DAP!).

Anonymous said...

Way different situation regarding comparison between Palestinian and Hindraf. First and foremost Hindraf supports using children as shields, might be the result of continous assumptions that the police would be lenient. The Parents brougth them there, they bear the consequences. Second Palestinian parents arent as mad, You'd think they would allow their kids to taunt and throw rocks at Israelis occupation troops? I seriously doubt that. Zionist troops have a of bad history of "shooting, yes thats right "S-H-O-O-T-I-N-G" civilians at will. Palestinians know the most mercy you can get out of a Israeli, is almost to none. Be thank you PDRM used water cannons and tear gas.