Friday, February 29, 2008


Hantu Laut

I am not a great fan of the BN government but I would not take it lightly that some wasted politician like Anwar Ibrahim thinks Sabahans are fools, stupid and gullible enough to swallow his lies and empty promises. He can fool some of the KDM people but he must not forget not all Sabahans are KDM and not all KDM are fools. How would he expects to get support from Sabahans when even a ten-year old child knew he was lying.

A second DPM from Sabah ? You must be joking, or you are just as mad as that half-baked self-proclaimed Harvard graduate from Tambunan who can't even read and interpret a P&L Account and Balance Sheet after spending umpteen years in politics and government. That's why during the PBS tenure he and his brother completely screwed up the states finances.

Now he gets delusion of grandeur, promising the people a DPM from Sabah, which he dreamt to be himself.

Dream on Jeffery.

The DAP's manifesto make more sense. Your PKR manifesto is a piece of crap.

Please read the promises below and make your own judgement.

Second DPM in PKR's Sabah manifesto

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah, launched another manifesto here themed "A New Hope for Sabah and Malaysia" promising a second Deputy Prime Minister if it rules the land below the wind.

"As partners to the formation of Malaysia, the Borneo states deserve to have a Deputy Prime Minister for without the Borneo states, there would have been no Malaysia.

"Thus, under the PKR government there will be a second Deputy Prime Minister for East Malaysia," the PKR said in its 14-point manifesto launched Wednesday by State PKR Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. State PKR head Ansari Abdullah was also present.

Other points in the manifesto included termination of any petroleum agreement with national oil company, Petronas, and replacing it with a petroleum sharing agreement apart from a review of the Petronas Act to give a fair revenue to Sabah.

PKR would also ensure that state immigration be placed under "state matter," where the movement of people in and out of Sabah would come under the purview of the state government and "the director of immigration would be a Sabahan".

The party said if it rules Sabah, Federal Territory Labuan will come under the jurisdiction of Sabah without changing the status of the island as an Offshore Financial Centre.

PKR also promised to introduce a comprehensive economic and development plan for Sabah called the Development Agenda for Sabah.

For the March 8 election, the opposition is putting up 55 candidates for the 59 states seats.

It promised to resolve the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah, restore relevant State rights, see to land reforms as well as set up a comprehensive economic and development plan for the State.

The manifesto also focussed on increasing the State's per capita income from RM10,000 to RM15,000, promoting transparency in the government as well as ensuring more women participate in decision-making processes.

PKR also wants to replace the Federal Development Department in Sabah (JPPS), which it describes as a waste of public funds, with a State Development Department (JPN) to ensure development funds go straight to the State Government.

On land reforms, PKR promised to restore the role of the village chiefs (Ketua Kampung) and Ketua Anak Negeri in land applications besides setting up a Land Reform Committee to review existing land laws.

An agency known as the Sabah Native Land Development Authority (SNLDA) will also be established by a PKR government for native land and interest.

The party also vowed to democratise the appointments of Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) as well as village chiefs (Ketua Kampung) and ensure these JKKKs are actively involved in the development of the respective villages. As such all projects costing RM25,000 and below will be implemented directly by these JKKKs.

PKR Vice-President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said the manifesto is a supplement to the national PKR manifesto entitled "A New Dawn for Malaysia", which was launched recently by party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"I am confident the people would accept the manifesto as they have had enough of Barisan Nasional's empty promises since it come to power", he said after the launching at his residence at Bukit Padang, near here.

He claimed the BN's just unveiled manifesto themed "Security, Peace and Prosperity" was just another of its sweet promises".

"We must remember that when BN launched 'Sabah Baru' in the previous election, it promised to reduce poverty to zero, housing for all, etcÉ but today we bear witness that all their promises have not been fulfilled and for that the current government must be change," he said.

Jeffrey went on to say that the real power in BN Sabah was Umno and that the 10 component parties have little say in the State Government.

He urged the people of Sabah, especially the young voters not to be misled by the BN's promises and instead vote PKR for change.

"Sabahans have a history of making brave changes when needed and together we can do it again," he said.


Anonymous said...

As retarded as it seems, some of the promises are actually what Sabahans want. Still, I doubt if they'll do well.

Hantu Laut said...


Certaintly some, yes, but not the way PKR presents it.It's crude and nonsensical.

M&M said...

what about jeffrey kitingan? i suppose he is out too.

小针 said...

Anonymous said...

Well...I think we should TRY and accept the new pkr manifesto, and I would really admit that it will be quite a big's better to give a try rather than still being fool or toy by the current government, a true lie that lead us to nothing since we join in to form malaysia, it has been a long period of time since that day and look where and what had sabah been...? don't forget that PKR had just nearly 1 and a half year making the history of shocking BN...why dun give them a try rather than continuing the current goverment that had not done nothing and overseeing us...I'm tired of this situation, they only mention and remembering us when the election comes...come on hantu laut we are the new wave of sabahan...i hope people like us will reform this state and the country in general for the sake of our generation...but one thing I would agree is we need a new type of leader to lead us, not the current or maybe the "frog that will jump ship"hehehehe....we need a new wave leader to reform us..