Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Child porn pilot convicted


February 08, 2008 03:01pm

A MALAYSIAN Airlines co-pilot has been convicted and fined for bringing child pornography into the country on his personal computer.

Hantu Laut

A shocking news.A Malaysian pilot caught with child pornography.

The Malaysian police should obtain a copy of the smut video to determine whether it was made in the country.The pilot concerned should be hauled up and the police should get the identity of the sender from him. A chain investigation should be carried out to determine the original source of the video.The pilot's background should also be investigated. This maybe the footprints that can lead to the unsolved abduction and murder of Nurin and the abduction of Sharliene.

If the video was made in this country than we can safely assume the disappearances and murder of those young girls had something to do with this despicable crime.

I hope the police would by now have the pilot in their custody for questioning.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. Our police shd catch hold of this guy and probe from there. Selidik habis habis, jgn tak selidik.
The csl scandal i was truly uninterested. So what, lah, consenting adults and all dat. But how the cops acted so fast to put it out of circulation.

Yang ni, tolong, tolong siasat betul.
Guy said someone emailed him, so trace it.
These are children's lives we are talking about.

Hantu Laut said...

If it was an adult porno movie, who cares.It's his business.

Normal people will not watch such despicable movie, let alone store it in their computer.

SM said...


Yes, I agree. Hopefully the Police & MAS will do a thorough investigation. And let's hope they don't do any cover-ups!
From reports, the title of the files he had were:-
1/ Rape of a Virgin 2/ 10-Year Old 3/ High School Students
Question:- What would you do if you received a file by e-mail that had a title "10-Year Old" & found it was "Child Porn"?
Answer:- Delete the file & check to see which Pervert sent it to you!
So why did he still have those files in his lap top?
If he is innocent, then his name should be cleared if not then?
Never forget what happened to Nurin & God only knows Sharliene & the countless other kids who have gone missing!

Hantu Laut said...

We haven't heard anything in the news whether the police have got him for questioning.

Let's hope the police don't sleep on this opportunity to investigate whether there exist a child pornography ring in this country.

Zawi said...

It must been the MAS action to suspend his services that lead to the disclosure of the case to the public. This co pilot is purported to be the son of a big gun and without this exposure, this case would have been kept under wrap.
The police could take the lead from here to bring to book the perpetrators of such heinous crime as rape and abduction of minors.
The question now is, will they do it? I for one doubt it.

SM said...


Check this Site (it seems it's his wedding photos). I'm not sure if it's true:-



You are right bro! This guy's full name is supposed to be Ahmad Syauqi Dato Ahmad Said. If so, his dad is the ACA Director! It seems he graduated in 2001 (he muct have been 18?!

Hantu Laut said...

It looked like he is also a good photographer.

He is a young man and recently married and for his sake I hope this is his first mistake and he is not involved in anything seedy.

However, the police should still question him.

Hantu Laut said...

I am sure somebody tipped off the Aussie's authority.It must be someone in MAS whom he probably showed the video.

Irrespective of whether or not he is son of a big gun, the police should still question him and the general public should know the outcome of the investigation.

PSM said...


I too hope he is not involved in anyting this terrible.
However, if his dad is really the ACA Director, you can be sure the Police will not get involved. I don't think they are involved anyway since the announcement was from MAS & not the police.
This will die a quiet death just like many things in the past.

Hantu Laut said...

That wouldn't be good.If he not guilty of anything serious, other than watching the video, than his father should not have any fear of him talking to the police.

If he is my son, I would be glad to send him to the police to clear his name, otherwise people will speculate in all kind of rumours.

Every dog has its day.Look at the ex-CJ,Eusoffe Chin, he lied through his teeth during the hearing, now he is caught with his pants down, a reliable witness confirmed he is corrupted.

Mat Salo said...


The news is shocking to say the least. I hope his father, the eminent ACA director will do the right thing. Child porn is a heinous crime and in light of victims like Nurin and Sharlinie the public wants transparency on this. Especially when perps are public figures, or even children of one. NO ONE should be above the law.