Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hantu Laut

This is not amusing at all.Yesterday he said Parliament wouldn't be dissolved today.He did exactly the opposite of what he said. Today he dissolved it and called for fresh election. Has he forgotten he is the Prime Minister and not a student prankster.

Can anyone get more notoriously fickle than him, it's almost like the weather, uncomfortably unpredictable.

You got me completely confused.

I hope you were misquoted, Mr Prime Minister !


Kata Tak Nak said...

No he is not fickle. He is just a compulsive liar.

Hantu Laut said...

Kata tak nak,
I really don't know what to say.I am shocked.Is he running the country or someone else is doing it for him and he is only the mouthpiece.

A man of his religious background should know better not to do such a thing.

SM said...

Someone suggested just "reversing" the PM's statements.
E.g. He said he was not getting married & he did (just after he denied it). He said he will not dissolve Parliment on the next day & he did, He said he has forgotten Anwar (Ibrahim), etc, etc.
He's been saying lots of things & doing the opposite.
Either that or he says something in all honesty & then "God's gift to Malaysia" i.e. KJ tells him to do the opposite!
One way or the other he has been a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!

Gulam Robani said...
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Hantu Laut said...


He probably has a short term memory loss.Forgot what he just said and said something contrary or someone else is in control.