Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hantu Laut

You don't have to be an economist to get correct economic figures that have been published in economic journals.

Our PM had three attempts and came out with completely different and outrageously wrong figures. In my post 'Of Chillipadi And Buah Keras' I highlighted the mistakes. His latest figure is nearer the truth but is still wrong.

The following are excrepts from his speeches:

1.PUTRAJAYA 28 Jan. – Kecekapan kerajaan Malaysia semakin meningkat dan kini diletakkan sebagai yang keenam terbaik di dunia, kata Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.(Utusan Online)

2.“We are a population of over 20 million and we rank eighth in the world in terms of our competitiveness.(The Star)

He said recognition of Malaysia in the global competitiveness index also improved from 25th position to 21st place.(Bernama)

The last one is an improvement but is still wrong. The true figure is 23rd down from 22nd in 2006.

I believe he was misquoted. Otherwise, what explanation can he gives for the inconsistency.


Mat Salo said...


I am appalled at the Gov't's shameful manipulation of statistical data in order to make themselves look good. Who are they kidding?

One can only go to various international reputable publications and see how much we have slided... vis a vis Vietnam and Singapore.

The more we acknowledge this the better. But it's Malaysian politics that is the reason for the decline. Just look at the characters up for re-election . . . Mr. Bocor of all people!

God help us all.

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,

Sorry to hear you can't exercise your right to vote.It's ridiculous in this age of the internet the govt hasn't introduce e-voting for Malaysian overseas.

It can be done but they don't want something they can't control or manipulate to their advantage.

Regarding those figures, I am shocked they can actually bluff the PM to deliver false information.He made three statements with 3 different figures, all wrong.

Now, I am sceptical with any information given by the government.

I hope you enjoy your view of the Lautan Sulewesi.