Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Frog In The Making

Hantu Laut

Another MP from Sarawak is contemplating leaving the BN and may want to join the opposition.

BN-SPDP Mas Gading MP Dr Tiki Lafe has not confirmed or denied leaving the party. He said he is on holiday with his family and is not saying anything.

It was also rumored that 10 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak are on holidays in Australia.After the hard work they need to rest and congregate in the same place !

In a new development, Richard Riot the MP for Serian has denied he is leaving the party. The new twist to the tale is, it was not Richard who made the statement, it was the SUPP publicity chief Alfred Yap.He said he spoke to Richard and he was unhappy about newspaper report that he is leaving the party and that he fully support the party and is loyal to BN.

Where is Richard and why can't he make the statement himself ?

Party hopping or frogging can be a liability or an asset to political party.
Sabah has a long history of party hopping that started as far back as the USNO government.

Sabah is the birthplace of frogging or kataking ( a Sabah term), where greedy politicians can be bought or sold at a price.

The first incident of induced frogging was in 1967 when UPKO assemblyman Payar Juman was abducted from his home in the middle of the night and enticed to join Mustapha's USNO(United Sabah National Organisation) to give it a single seat lead majority in a coalition with SCA(Sabah Chinese Association). With the crossover USNO managed to grab the government from Stephen's UPKO. Payar Juman was given a ministerial post and his abductor Halik Zaman was made his political secretary.

The biggest mass defections of politicians was in 1976 when the federal sponsored Berjaya party was formed to topple the then Chief Minister Dato Mustapha Harun. The exodus was led by Harris Salleh and discreetly supported by Donald Stephens who had converted to Islam and changed his name to Fuad Stephens and was the TYT (Governor) at that time. Berjaya won the 1976 elections and formed the state government with Fuad as chief minister. Later Fuad and some of his cabinet colleagues died in an air crash.His deputy, Harris Salleh was installed as chief minister.

In the 1994 state elections PBS won with a slim majority of 2 seats.Within a month majority of PBS assemblymen had switched side. They were offered hard cash, cabinet positions and other inducements.The then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad denied the allegations and said the crossover was due to PBS slim majority with which they will not be able to govern effectively and may cause political instability.

Party hopping is not illegal but is considered an evil act from moral point of view. It also set a bad example and sending wrong message to the younger generations who aspire to be politicians.Those who are for sale are usually of questionable character, selfish, greedy and are there purely for status and money.They don't give two hoots about serving the people and country, their priority is to serve themselves.

The federal government have used this shameful method to grab power on several occassions from the oppositions in Sabah .Should they complain if Anwar goes round trying to entice potential frogs from the BN camp ?

Another BN MP ready to jump ship?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good life..lots of possibilities.

Can I be a frog, too ? Please...

SM said...


Yes, the Federal Govt. was happy when it benefitted them but we all know how BN thinks. If it fits their plan, then it's good (e.g. Public Demonstrations by UMNO in Penang & Selangor) but when it goes against them then it's bad & against our Culture (e.g. HINDRAF).
If these Sabah "kataks" really want to defect then what they should do is "quit" then a by-election will have to be called & they can then "stand" for the Opposition. Let the Rakyat decide again!
However, it's a money thing, we all know that. That's what Politics in Sabah is! DISGUSTING!
By the way, I hear that the Sultan of Terengganu has chosen Datuk Said the Kijal Assemblyman & the rest of the Terengganu Assemblymen plan to boycott the swearing-in because they support Datuk Idris Jusoh.
Wrong or right, it looks like the Royalty are beginning to "protest" now!?

supa said...

Not surprising really considering the fact that politics involve heavy start up cost. With all the capital invested who in their right mind wouldn't want to get their money back and then some more.

Hantu Laut said...

Both Sarawak MP have now denied they are leaving BN.I believe they are going to be given sweeteners.

You are absolutely right, they can do others can't. That's why people are beginning to reject them.The rejection will be intensified in the next polls if they don't change their attitude.

Hantu Laut said...


For your info the money they used also came from the rakyat, not from their own pocket.It's yours, mine and all Malaysians.

SM said...


Yup. You can already see them going back to their old ways. They still think we believe what their Govt controlled Media tells us? I suppose they still think the Rakyat stupid. We can wait another 4 or 5 years. We waited 50 years to show them. The next GE should finish them off.
I tune into Astro Awani now & again to listen to their "PRU Analysis". Only the "Yes Men" are featured so you can imagine what crap they are spewing!
Now I see our new MIC Menteri Subramaniam giving us the same rubbish Semi Value used to give us. I suppose it is too much to ask that these BN people change. Looks like the rot has just spread too deep...

CK Tan said...

i feel ashamed as a sabahan indeed for all this kataking stuff.

Hantu Laut said...

It's too deep rooted, takes lots of will power to change, which they seem not to have.

Hantu Laut said...


All Sabahans should be ashamed of this act of treachery.Politicians should show high moral standard if they want to be respected.