Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dropped Desperadoes Trying To Mount A Frivolous Coup

Hantu Laut

New rumour circulating in Sabah of some dropped candidates in the recent election going round asking elected members of the Sabah State Assembly to pass a vote of no confidence against Chief Minister Musa Aman and support Rahim Ismail as CM, who was dropped by Musa from the State cabinet recently.

The main plotters rumored to be from an ethnic association who have records of switching parties many times are planning to unseat Musa first and than Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. They have also apparently met the PM recently to demonise Musa hoping Badawi would listen to them.

The plan is to get Musa, an UMNO loyalist out of the way and a grand plan to shift the balance of power to the oppositions.

The coup which has little hope of success is rumoured to also include a deputy minister who resigned from his post recently and a former chief minister.

The frog culture is making a come back to Sabah. It will intensify when Anwar gets elected.

Details in the pipeline.


Anonymous said...

I could not believe how the PM granted an audience to these desperados, who are they after being dropped? The meeting held with the PM was to destabilise Sabah and not to seek for more posts for Sabah. I have no doubt that removing the CM was in their agenda. It is pure jealousy on their part that the CM delivered the seats and has done a great job for the State for the last two terms.

I hope this attempt will not be successful and Sabah could move forward for the sake of its people. However, I do hope that Sabah will be rewarded accordingly in whatever form. As for the bocor MP, I could not wait to see how he handles himself in the upcoming parliament sitting.

SM said...


Pak Lah met these guys because his position is still "shaky", especially after the latest Terengganu MB fiasco! The fact that the Terengganu people came out to greet DYMM when he came back to KT shows that Pak Lah better watch what he says & do.
As for Sabah, old habits die hard. These "Kataks" are worthless.
Pak Lah gave Sabah & Sarawak "pittance" because he thought he could get away with it, plus keep the "main" Ministries with UMNO (in the past they got away with it but now?).

Anonymous said...


Rumour will be rumour, that's the meaning of the word. The hard working Rahim is over for this term, lets face it, hopefully his service will be much needed some other time. What ever the plans are (unseat musa, rahim as CM, Kataking culture and so on), we must get the clearer picture not to rock the boat aggresively. Election is over and BN didn't lose everything while Opposition Front did'n win everthing. Election messages sent and accepted by everybody. Now, more federal minister from sabah is most welcome, the suggestion to establish the Ministry of Sabah/Sarawak Affairs is another step to positively handle the current situation, let's move on and be dinamic. Let the kataks be kataks and anwar with his 'labu'nya.

supa said...

The situation here reflects the true nature of racist money politics in Malaysia. Whoever holds power will attempt to keep the proceeds to themselves, much to the displeasure of other parties.
In this case, Musa has kept the money distributed only within his own clique. There has been much dissatisfaction for a while now with complaints like: " Being a YB is not profitable these days... Musa keeps everything to his own people..."
Worry not, there's always a panacea for such problem, namely a generous payout. Works everytime.

Anonymous said...


Ministry of Sabah/Sarawak Affairs is a step backwards.

Is there guarantee that this ministry won’t be abolish if comes next election BN or PR wins big in west Malaysia?

Then we will be back to square one.

It’s better for us now to negotiate and get the 20% royalty increase now together with the important ministry such as works, power, education and internal security and work real hard to develop our state for the next 4 years.

At lest we get to keep the 20% royalty.

Even though they might reduce the ministry.

Anonymous said...


Setting up a ministry and abolish it later on is not a step backwards. I agree with the other guest.. 'Move on and be dinamic'. Different arsenal to carry, on a different mission, on a different situation.

So far no body hear us clear enough on our request on oil royalty, 20 points and others. JPPS is been around for sometime.. what happen to our works, power, education and international security as well as our coastal sovereignity againts border encroachments and smuggling activities.

How to negotiate without proper and establish channel. Is this suggestion a step backward.. I don't thing so.

Up to today, nobody guarantees BN will win big or PR will win big on the next election. Nobody guarentees on our 20% royalty or even a slight increase of the percentage. We are still at the square one and will be there for a very long time (The 2nd poorest state in M'sia after Trengganu). Being dinamic will ensure a guarantee on our well being during this unpredicted political climate change. We must work together to make sure that this Ministry won't fail us and be another federal tool.. because I now as you all know that nobody guarantees it won't be just another JPPS. Peace.

Hantu Laut said...

anonymous 6.03,
I think Abdullah is not in a position to refuse seeing UMNO members who wanted to see him, especially elected members.

That's the price you have to pay for being in a weak position.

Hantu Laut said...

You are absolutely right. Most Sabah politicians are not ashamed by what they do.It has become a political culture.

Hantu Laut said...

anonymous 11.20,
Yes, let's move on and hope the PM gives Sabah and Sarawak better deals.

Hantu Laut said...

Politicians should not steal from the people, there are there to serve the people and country, not to enrich themselves.

Unfortunately, that was not the case with most politicians in this country.

Hantu Laut said...

anonymous 7.48,

We don't need Ministry of Sabah/Sarawak Affairs.

We are a union in Malaysia not a colony, no need for such ministry.

What we need is to be treated as equal and with greater autonomy given to the state.

Hantu Laut said...

anonymous 8.09,

Sabah can negotiate for a better share of the oil income, 20% on gross revenue may be too high. There are high investment and operational costs to oil production which have to be taken care of first.

JPPS should be made redundant in Sabah.It's a thorn in the flesh.

mypugaloo said...

Sabah will always be the state of 'lubuk emas' by the UMNO and by any means, Sabahan Politician would also take the 'emas' earlier than them....

We have seen how BN govern Sabah all this while and during PBS outside BN, we could see what been applied to Terengganu-PAS earlier...

NOW, I doubt, even should the PKR-DAP-PAS is given a chance by any mean to govern Sabah, if the so called leaders are still the same people...then only KULIT will be changed but the 'spirit' is still the same old 'song'...


Hantu Laut said...


You may be right, whether they are going to be just as corrupted I don't know.

We just have to watch how they govern the 5 states under them now.