Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Resignations On The Way

Hantu Laut

More resignations from Pak Lah's cabinet are expected to come if the "akhbar angin" is to be believed.Many are not happy and don't mind giving up their jobs.

A senior minister is expected to quit soon.

Wait for updates.


Anonymous said...

Another Tsunami coming?????

Second wave......

galadriel said...

I like that Akhbar Angin

SM said...


Sabah UMNO & Sarawak PRS are saying they are under-represented in the Cabinet (which all of us know are true).
Pak Lah is going to have to "create" some new posts for them or else.....!
BY the way, did you read the letter in the Star Online today, from a Parent, where the PTA was told by the School Principal that they were not to invite the newly elected (Segambut) rep. because he was not from the BN! Looks like the little Napoleons from in our Schools still rule despite all that has happened! These people have been trained well!