Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pak Lah And The Last Action Hero

Hantu Laut

What action would UMNO takes against Mukhriz Mahathir ?

This is a party that strongly adhere to partisan ideology and will not tolerate any dissenter. Any form of criticism of the top leadership will put you either in solitary confinement or your head on the chopping block. There is where democracy exists only in name.This is the place where you can make it to the top or fall by the way side. This is the home of ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy .

When Mukhriz wrote the letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi asking him to do the right thing he was either under the wrong impression that there was a strong movement to oust
Abdullah or he decided to lead the way in the hope that many others would follow and throw their support behind him. He was mistaken.None would want to jump off the gravy train where rewards are aplenty and the pickings easy.

His father, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad went through the same problem with the first prime minister, the late Tungku Abdul Rahman. He was sacked from the party but returned later in much stronger position and eventually went on to become the longest serving prime minister of the nation.

In the 1999 elections Mahathir's ruling party suffered significant erosion of support from the people especially from rural Malays. He failed to re-capture Kelantan and lost Trengganu, an oil-producing state. Realizing he has almost reach the end of his shelve-life and his waning support among the Malays, he decided it would be best to step aside and let a new and more acceptable leader takes over. He passed the baton to his deputy.

Enter Pak Lah, Mr Clean, pious and came with a bagful of promises to kill corruptions, bring transparency and accountability to the administration. The people rejoiced and were exuberant that the Mahathir's era have come to an end and a clean and god-fearing man had taken over.

In 2004 elections, riding high on those promises, Abdullah won a massive landslide victory. He recaptured Trengganu and short of 2 seats to bag Kelantan. The people were in a state of euphoria.

The state of euphoria eventually turned into a state of despair when he failed to deliver those promises. Other than broken promises racial tensions, rising inflation,rising prices of goods, high costs of fuel, high crime rates and stagnated income have made life less than comfortable for many Malaysians . Abdullah faces serious loss of credibility. Most people can see it coming except him and those cronies that surround him.Blinded by greed they were sure of another major victory.

The BN would have escaped the major disaster if Abdullah had stepped down before the election.Although his deputy didn't have a desirable image the defeat wouldn't be as humiliating as the recent polls results.

Will Mukhriz be sacked from the party? I doubted. They probably will ask him to resign from his youth exco or be expelled from it. UMNO can't afford to lose anymore MP seat. Sacking Mukhriz from the party would bring other repercussions.

Anwar Ibrahim has been to Sabah and Sarawak on a shopping trip but was unable to buy anything at the moment. Sabah and Sarawak are kataks (frogs) countries.Some money and a promise of ministerial position the hillbillies katak are quite prepared to abandon their present abode for greener pasture.

It all depends on how Pak Lah conducts his affairs from now on to keep his boys in the stables. He may have no choice but to step down before the UMNO General Assembly.

Will Mukhriz be the last action hero ?


Anonymous said...

Pity the hishamuddin fler lor! Pak Lah asked him to handle the hot potato.

supa said...

What is politics? Is it quasi-corporate self-enrichment, excellence in lowest human denomination, mongolism, incivility, merchant of persecution complex, obsessive compulsive belief in beneficial intervention, unsocialised clannish docility or postmodern retrogressive nostalgia?
I hope it is none of the above. I also hope that those are not the defining character of BN.