Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hantu Laut

There are winners and losers in every type of competition.The worst kinds are the sore losers and bad winners.

Those who loses in a fair competition but whines about it on a constant basis, blaming everyone around them for their loss except themselves, who can't simply be honorable, by accepting defeat and/or trying again and who can't take a loss in stride.

The UMNO lots should take a leaf from the books of Gerakan's Koh Tsu Koon and MCA's Ong Kah Ting instead of moaning and whining about their losses. Both Koh and Ong have been admirable and should be emulated by others.

Courage in the face of adversity is not common attributes in many men. Only those with high sense of self-respect and unquestionable integrity possess it. The weak and corrupt will find all kind of excuses to defend themselves and blame others for their failure.

Gerakan's Koh has shown admirable manly manner and correct social etiquette by attending the swearing in of the new chief minister from the opposition party.MCA's Ong has taken full responsibility for his party massive loss by not accepting any offer of ministerial post even though he won his seat.

Many in UMNO and other component parties have not shown exemplary behaviour.Even those who have lost are still lobbying for positions. The only exception is Sharizat, she took her defeat graciously.She deserved respect and should be given a respectable position.

In the Sabah BN lobbying for positions is intense among the components. LDP, whom many Sabahans have given zero seat, had won all their seats and are now making demands for a full minister and an assistant minister. Its President V.K.Liew said "In making our representations (at the BN Supreme Council ) we informed that though we are young we are qualified and our elected representatives most importantly are God-fearing, honest and dedicated"

As the American would say, what a lot of baloney ! Instead of beating your own drum, let others judge you. God-fearing, honest and dedicated do not come with divine guarantee.

Worse still, Liew in spite of the help of postal votes won on a wafer thin majority of 176 votes for the Sandakan parliamentary seat and the 2 state seats of Merotai and Tanjong Kapur were UMNO seats given on the platter, not exactly a position to be proud of to make open demands.

In April 1977 the then President of LDP Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat resigned from all his ministerial posts due to irreconcilable differences with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on the Mazu controversy. He said the action taken by Musa Aman has angered the Chinese community.

Below is a posting by Jeff Ooi in his blog, Screenshot

Political bombshell explodes in Sabah... ( 4 )

"This is not a matter of quarrel (subsequent to the Prime Minister's remark that angered the Liberal Democratic Party)... this is a Barisan Nasional problem. The PM has offended the Chinese and the Sabahan... he has hurt my self-respect."

Three days after tendering his resignation as the deputy chief minister of Sabah citing 'political principles', Chong Kah Kiat surfaced yesterday to give Oriental Daily News an exclusive interview.

"Not only LDP (is unhappy), the rakyat in Sabah also (are unhappy)... he (the PM) had made such a remark about a Chinese leader, the impression of him in the eyes of the Sabahan, especially the Chinese in Sabah, will be negative," reports Oriental Daily in the Page 3 lead today.

Chong said the PM has offended the Chinese in Sabah. "I am not important, but I do have my self-respect."

On the day of his resignation, Chong prided himself as a BN man for 30 years without switching party, and had stood steadfast in helping BN find a stronghold in the state.

PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, however, remarked that Chong's exit is 'not really a loss'. "Let him rest," the PM reportedly said.

Meanwhile, several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) expressed sadness over Chong's sudden resignation, reports Daily Express.

The popular Sabah daily describes Chong as the only leader from the Berjaya government (1976-1985) who has managed to survive the tumultuous years of Sabah politics punctuated by multiple party-hopping.

The results of the just concluded general election tell a different story.The Chinese community could have given all their votes to DAP candidates by ignoring the PKR candidates if they really don't want to support the state government. Their actions proved otherwise.

In a worst case scenario Sabah BN was expected to lose 3 parliamentary and 7 state seats still giving it a comfortable majority.

It is obvious the Chinese and Indians in Peninsula are more angry with the BN government rather than those in Sabah.

Jeff Ooi is now DAP Member of Parliament for Jelutong.

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