Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samy: Shut Up And Go To Hell

Hantu Laut

Kascha Khan
If you see a cobra and Samy Vellu which one would you put in the cage first ? I think I would rather take my chance with the cobra and deal with Samy Vellu first. If you are bitten by the cobra at least there are serums available that can save your life. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for Samy's bite.

Samy Vellu hasn't stopped talking since his party suffered massive losses at the polls.He has everyone to blame except himself. He is now pointing fingers at the very same people he has had intercourse with for the past thirty years.The very same people he was comfortable with in bed for over three decades and everything was hunky dory for the Indian community.

He denied being subservient to UMNO but accused them of not treating him as equal. Short of calling them by names he is now accusing UMNO and the Malay civil servants of discrimination against the Indian community.

He says the Malay civil servants are racists and do not consider non-Malays as Malaysians. Everyone knows the Malay civil servants are a bunch of racist katak dibawah tempurong and are there merely because of the ketuanan Melayu policy.You know this but yet you love and worship them before. You ever said it was UMNO that gives you your jiwa, not MIC. Why suddenly you see wrongs in them and none in yourself.

Since you feel the Indian community was so badly treated why didn't you leave the BN then and fight them as an opposition fighting for the rights of the Indians in this country. You and your MIC would have been the champions today and not Hindraf if you had taken the bold steps to save the Indians from their miseries.

When Hindu temples were demolished, where were you, did you do anything to help them to rehabilitate the temples ?

You didn't, because you were more concerned with saving your own skin and the wealth you have amassed under that regime. You didn't, because you wouldn't want to upset your Malay masters.

You say you saw it coming six months before the election, the Indians will abandon MIC due to poor treatment they get from the government. Why you stood as a candidate if you knew you are going to lose ? Didn't you assure the PM that the Indians are doing well, happy and fully support the BN government ?

Now that the BN government has cancelled the licence of the Tamil daily, Makkal Osai, what are you going to do to show proof that you really love the Indian community and the action taken by the government was wrong ?

Samy, you are disgusting, are you going to do the right thing ? Shut up, resign or self-immolate.

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