Friday, May 2, 2008

Buccaneering Blogger:Will Najib Be Prime Minister ?

Hantu Laut

The much awaited succession plan in UMNO has not materialised. There was no definite date or specific plan for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah) to hand over the helm to his deputy Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak.

Abdullah has asked UMNO members to refrain from calling for his resignation and to wait till December when he will either consider stepping down or contest the presidency of the party if challenged.

In spite of numerous calls for him to go, beleaguered Abdullah has stood his ground and refused to accede to the demand. Short of saying when he will resign and that Najib is definitely his successor he gave his deputy no glimmer of hope other than to wait for the day that may never come.

Are there things that Pak Lah is privy to that the Malaysian general public are not aware of ? Are there extenuating circumstances that he should not leave office now and hand over the helm to Najib or was it, he hadn't had enough yet and wanted to continue as prime minister as long as possible and to prove to all and sundry that he can bring back BN and UMNO to its former glory.

Despite the overwhelming calls for Pak Lah to step down Najib has been a good deputy and never took advantage to pressure Pak Lah to step aside.Najib's refusal to fish in troubled water has angered former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad who had openly supported him to displace Abdullah.The former prime minister called Najib a coward and said he is no more his preference to replace Abdullah.His reluctance to oust Abdullah could be due to lack of support from his comrades in the party.

Irrespective of his claim that he doesn't know her and not having met her before, his relationship with the accused murderers of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu has brought him public odium and ridicule.The photograph where he purportedly had dinner with the mastermind of the murder Razak Beginda and the murdered girl had not surfaced other than the one doctored by Tian Chua, a member of opposition party PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyaat). If there was such a photograph why hasn't it surface or is it being kept as an ace up somebody's sleeve and to be used at a later date.Even more puzzling he had not taken any civil action against Tian Chua for the doctored photograph and against Anwar for implications made against him during electioneering.

Is there a concerted effort to tarnish his name to pre-empt his succession? The possibility is always there.There are others who are covertly interested in the position but would not make it known until they are sure they have eliminated the competition.

In his article "Let's Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell" the writer Raja Petra Kamaruddin raised some pertinent questions especially the way the court case is being conducted.The abrupt changes to defence team, prosecutors and judges in the early stage of the case are viewed as interference from the powers that be and deemed to be the progenitors of an eventual miscarriage of justice.Even if it was not true these are the widespread public perceptions. Such perceptions would be difficult to change unless there is palatable change in the on going trail.

In the same article Raja Petra also raised the issue on the erasure of immigration records which the prosecution seems not at all interested to investigate and get to the roots of the mysterious disappearance of the immigration records of the murdered victim.Who gave the order? It can either be directly from a very powerful person or some staff in the Immigration Department with password access to the computer received substantial bribes from someone involved in the murder. These are material evidence that the prosecution should have procured but wouldn't do so for reasons only known to themselves.

Is Raja Petra pushing his luck? In his article he also mentioned an affidavit that implicates Najib's wife Rosmah.Would he be able to prove all the allegations if he were called upon in the court of law?

In the past some of Raja Petra's stories have proven to be not far from some of the truth, if not the whole truth. Would he be on the right track this time or would he be dragged to court or worse still to the interrogation chamber.

His article has brought some very surprising outcome.He has received a response here from the Press Secretary to Deputy Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak and in true combat form and buccaneering spirit he has replied to the letter here.

Come December would Abdullah hand over the baton to Najib or would he let Najib challenge him.Looking at the changing political scenario Abdullah may prevail over Najib if it was a straight fight.

A dark horse may make an appearance come this December and Abdullah and Najib better watch out for the unexpected.


SM said...

I read RPK's article, the reply from Najib's Press Secretary & again RPK's reply to the Press Secretary.
By "warning" RPK to stop his accusations or get sued, Najib's Press Secretary (I presume under instructions from Najin) has only made the situation ever worse for Najib & Rosmah!
RPK's article brought up lots of questions but I don't think he actually "directly accused" Najib or Rosmah of anything.
I think Najib & Rosmah are feeling the "heat" now! However, as long as the Baginda Ciurt Case goes the way it's going, people are going to keep asking questions. Come on lah, UMNO have treated Malaysians like stupid school children for far too long. There are just too many things that don't "jive" & RPK's article have highlighted these points in his typical brilliant way!
Do we want a PM & First Lady who will be forever "asociated" with such a Scandal? How long can this court case drag on? Will Mongolia really "cut" ties with Malaysia if the verdict is "seen" as not fair (by the way, I presume fair would mean that all 3 defendants get the Death Penalty?)? Is Baginda the "fall guy" here? Were the 2 Personal Bodyguards of Najib taking orders from Najib? Was the Polisewoman implicated really Rosmah's Personal Bodyguard? Where did they get the C4 from? Who erased the Immigration Records & under whose orders? Was there really a picture of Najib, Baginda & the murdered girl?
There are just too many questions & noone (except the Malaysian Public & the Mongolians), including the Prosecution & Defense Lawyers, who seems interested in answering.
Lastly, is PAk Lah really using this to keep Najib "quiet"?!
Talk about Soap Operas, this would be a GREAT one!

kittykat46 said...

Uh-oh, you removed your previous post.
I guess its sensitive after the the Police interview with RPK.

Hantu Laut said...

RPK needs to be more careful with what he wrote.They are watching his every move.

We can express an opinion but should avoid anything defamatory.

I think it's very wrong for the government to use the police to intimidate bloggers.If RPK has written something libelous Najib should use the court not the police.It's thing like this that makes the BN to lose support of the people.

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks.I didn't remove it.It disappeared by itself.It happens occassionally.This time I think because Google has just introduced a 'time schedular' where you can predetermined the date and time of posting automatically.

Anyway, I have re-posted it.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Altanthuya trial dragging on at a snail's pace? Whatever the reasons, the judiciary is NOT seen to be free from interference from the power-that-be, whoever he or she maybe. There has been so much hype about reforming the judiciary lately, and here is one trial that can show-case the government's sincerity on the reformation. Why then is the government not doing what it should do: to change the prevalent public's misgivings on the trial? Like it or not, the DPM is now carrying a political baggage which can only harm his credibility in the eyes of the world. To get his name cleared, he surely knows that he has to testify in court on why his bodyguards and trusted advisor were involved, why the immigration records were obliterated and other doubts surrounding the trial? Being a savvy and experienced politician, why is he not doing this and get rid of the baggage once and for all???? At this juncture, I cannot help but quote Abraham Lincoln:" You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

SM said...


Yes, RPK should watch what he says but I still think he did not make any "accusations" as such.
The Police are very efficient at going after the BN's opponents but we are still waiting for them to find those missing children & the bloody murderer of that poor child in PJ.
Again, noting has changed with UMNO & its leaders!

Mr. Smith said...

"In his article he also mentioned an affidavit that implicates Najib's wife Rosmah.Would he be able to prove all the allegations if he were called upon in the court of law?"
If I am not mistaken this affidavit was read out in court by Razak's lawyer when he made an application for bail. The damning evidence is all there.
The rakyat could be fooled if we were in the 1950s but then, this is 2008!
It's perception the subject matter, Dr Watson.

D_Dollah said...

RPK didn't accuse Najib and Rosmah directly involved with Alantuya's murdered case. But, those around Najib were too scared with the articles as RPK's articles were not that far from the truth.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

The 12th General Election is slowly but certainly prisisng open not only the cupboard of cobwebs but even the cesspool of high rot.

At each passing day, we witness the emergence of eyebrow-raising sagas.

But what is perplexing is the continued apparent lack of urgency or prioritizing of issues and concerns by the government.

Wonder who are the advisors of the leaders in power. Do they not know the fundamentals of perceptions and its derogatory consequences?

The least the government can do is to address decisively and bring to an end issues and cases that are presently fanning unnecessary speculation.

In the menatime the image and reputation of the nation is eroding or is being tarnished almost permanently with each delaying decision-making day.

Come to think of it, all of us have a crucial part in the nation building agenda. It is not the special function of only politicians or even government.

If things are left to the elements of politiking that inevitably chip away the nation's place in the eyes of the watching world, then the citizens in their right to protect king and nation must make their concerns registered.

Bloggers here can play a crucial role. So too all those politicians whom proclaimed to served God, Kind and rakyat in the 12th GE.

The equation is very simple.

The sooner we can have all these high profiled cases behind us, the better for all of us including those in power.

So, what do we do?

Perhaps the Bloggers can initiate this soliciting of ideas and intentions from all those concerned and caring enough for this once hailed rising star, Malaysia.

J. D. Lovrenciear

Bullshit said...

Will Najib be the PM?? I hope not. There is no room for criminals to run Malaysia

Mrs Bullshit said...

It seems the Goverment has run out all ideas to curb oppostion but to charge them with "Sodomy". Probably they are inspired by their own experience!!!!

Anonymous said...

NAJIB sucks.

Fucking cunt sucker