Monday, May 26, 2008

Come Rape Me

Hantu Laut

On the 7 of October 2000 Noor Suzaily Mukhtar (photo below), a computer engineer took the public bus to work thinking it was the safest mode of transport for her as there would be many people on the bus.

She had no inkling that fate would take an evil turn that day that would take her on a horrifying journey to her death.She was raped, sodomised and brutally murdered in the bus by the driver. The perpetrator, Hanafi Mat Hassan is a married man with family of his own.

Noor Suzaily Mukhtar was a good Muslim girl who dressed accordingly.She was not in any revealing dress or made any attempt to dress in such a way to attract the opposite sex or to arouse their sexual appetite.She was properly attired and wore a tudung (headscarf) yet she was raped and killed.

Schools girls Farra Derba Rustam and Nurul Hanis Kamil (photo left) who were adolescence also met the same fate on February 13th and July 3rd 2001 respectively. They were young innocent girls who were just reaching puberty and wouldn't have yet reached the level of sexuality to know how to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Than there was the famous case of Canny Ong who was kidnapped from the basement car park of Bangsar Shopping Centre brutally raped and murdered, also by a married man.The case of Nurin Jazlin, the pretty 7 year old girl brutally raped, murdered and her body stuffed in a bag.The latest case was Sharliene Mohd Nashar abducted on Jan 10 2008 and still missing.Are the dresses they used on the fateful day to be blamed for what happened to them.

There were many similar rapes and murders with many cases remain unsolved.

None of those victims were in revealing dresses yet they were raped and killed.

It is most disheartening that such shallow statement should come from the vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia. Munirah Bahari (photo left) who, like many religious bigots in this country, were just too lazy to do her homework before she opens her big mouth and embarrass herself.Even if she wishes to seek some publicity, at least do it with some finesse.

I find it intolerable that she uses religion to try score a point on a subject that concerned Malaysians of every race, colour and creed.If she has done her homework she wouldn't be making such presumptuous conclusion.

Police statistics on rape shows the breakdown of rape victims in the year 1995 as shown below:

Malays (645)
Chinese (139)
Indians ( 97 )
Others (124)

The statistic above may shock Munirah.Most rape victims were Malay girls and most of them were dressed in compliance of Islamic dress code.Why are they raped? Are they more licentious?Should they be blamed for the rape?

There have been cases where even 70 year old grandmother had been raped by rapist less than half her age.Is she to be blamed for the way she dressed?

It is also an insult on the male psyche that she thinks of a girl or woman who dressed attractively as fair game for rape.Maybe, Munirah should take a trip to South Beach in Florida or Copacabana Beach in Rio, Brazil and see for herself how thousands of naked and half-naked women in all shapes and sizes frolicking the beach with hardly any of them getting raped.

Although she is not completely wrong in her observation, she could have better presented the case if she had looked at it from a moral standpoint rather than religious viewpoint.

I certainly agree students should have proper dress code and transparent blouses for girls may not be appropriate attire in schools.The Ministry of Education should look into it and rectify the problem if it is true.

Munirah also said "It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it," she said of the current uniform.

"All this leads to babies born out of wedlock and to an extent, even prostitution," she said.

Gosh! Where this gosling come from. Go back to school, baby!


Letting the time pass me by said...

Agree with you... She need to do some research before coming up with a very loose statement...

I thought Nik Aziz last time also raised this dress issue and have been commented by a lot of people.

SM said...


Seriously...what would you expect from the VP of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia?!
I'm sorry if it sounds discriminatory but these people usually have the "holier than thou" mentality. They just shoot from the hip without doing any form of "research". Enough said.
However, just to deviate a bit, all the names of those poor little girls you mentioned...what have our police done? Oh sorry, I forget they are busy...forgive me, they are arresting dangerous people like RPK, the HINDRAF 5 & researching if Karpal should be put in jail for Sedition!!!

myke said...

Shallow minded people who just find it easy to issue statement without thorough studies on the matter.

A sign of third world mentallity.?

cruzeiro said...

A sign of third world mentallity.?

It's better than that -
It is called fresh Arabian desert roast mentality.

teong wha said...

My advice to this ignorant small girl is to just behave herself and do not impose her moral standard upon the public especially school girls.Take good care of yourself as the next target might be you instead of school girls.Please wear a mask for safety whenever yopu go !

Anonymous said...

This Munirah person is downright shallow in the mind. It would be so easy to blame the female if a rape happen, instead of really studying the case. An act of crime would tell you that the criminal is sick in the mind. They go after innocent victims whose dressing has nothing to do with being sexy. If they want sex so much, why not just go to a prostitute, they're dressed even more sexy.

Edi神 said...

those dress sexily cause others women to be raped.!

supa said...

Such argument is hardly original and it can probably be traced all the way back to scriptures and/ or even antiquity.
Regurgitated... she is so boring.

amdeesidik said...

Is she aiming to become country's leader for the future? A big mouth but wasted grey matter-if she said she got education from university and that said was her education and she is sponsored by using public fund-she doesn't deserve my money not a penny !

SM said...


Good point!
I bet she will be a suitable member of Puteri UMNO when she graduates (if she has not alreday joined!). Then on to "higher" things in UMNO. She has the correct credentilas for them!

free Sarawak said...

taliban-minded organization

no wonderla ipta jatuh ranking..penuh dgn ppim

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise comment.... What else can one expect from this National Islamic Students Association ? Embarassment !

anthjoe said...

My statistics lecturer tells us that statistics is like a girl in bikini. She seems to show everything but actually she doesn't show the most important parts. So is statistics. It only shows what the writer wants us to know. Not the truth. Statistics about rapists or rape victims will only tell us what the writer wants us to believe.

The truth is that rape is a crime everyone should feel disgusted. To equate the students (wearing so called revealing uniform) to inviting rape will only be said by some sick people. Many of our Chinese and some Indian students wear the baju Melayu minus the scarf. Are they inviting rape? I am sure the teachers are wise enough to tell to dress properly if that is the case!

Please study the rape problem properly. How do we prevent it? What the police can do about it? How can the society help?

It is the season of silly statements. Don't believe me? Read the paper. Watch the parliament sittings. Forget about the statement and we should contribute positively to prevent this hideous crime around our neighbourhood.

fie the elf said...

I agree with you so fucking much.

fie the elf said...

oh ps I 'stole' the pic from you but linked it !

Hantu Laut said...

There are many like her in this country,including many of our politicians, who make unsubstantiated statement to try gain political mileage and cheap publicity and ending up looking like a bloody fool.

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum. we cannot blame women who got killed and raped because of the way they dress.dekat overseas even US especially ramai je perempuan 'even doesnt wear anything' tp those kind of women jarang kite dengar kene rape. mungkin lelaki jahat kat malaysia ni adalah jenis yang lelaki 'culture shock or curious' tgk perempuan. mungkin mereka x penah bergaul sgt ngn perempuan then bila diorg encounter any perempuan depan mata even kids berseorangan, diorang pn nak find the answers to the curiosity. conclusion disini, janganlah kite slhkan mangsa2 rogol dan bunuh ni kerana the way they dress or x pandai jaga diri. semuanya ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Allah ada reason-Nya tersendiri kenapa Dia membenarkan perkara sebegini berlaku. yang penting kat sini. sama2 lah kita cari jalan penyelesaian utk bendung jenayah ni. kalau kita semua bersatu insyaallah Allah akan tolong kita.

Anonymous said...

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Ruth Paul said...

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girliepg said...

Simplistic view from a simple fool - she needs to grow up and learn about the world before shooting her mouth off ... now it seems the world is mobilizing because of the Delhi gang rape - but it will soon die down and nothing will be different