Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar Playing To The Gallery

Hantu Laut,

There is no winner or loser in the debate last night.For a less experience politician Ahmad Shabery Cheek has done well against one of the country's most skilled orator.

It goes without saying that Anwar is a better polemicist and his speech is more memorable for its polemic rather than its substance.Anwar is not interested in facts and figures and as an experienced activist and politician he knew what his audience wanted to hear.He outshines Shabery in term of delivery and display of charisma.Anwar was more interested in playing to the gallery, his target audience the proletarian and the kampong folks.His figure of RM1 to 2 billion to subside reduction of fuel price is fancy mathematics to seduce the people to believe him, which he knew is untrue and grossly insufficient, a populist talk according to Shabery.

He failed to raise nuisance value against the government.

Shabery might have shocked most people with his hidden talent.Many have expected him to be eaten alive by Anwar.He came well-armed with facts and figures and reasons why government had no choice but to increase the price of oil.He tried to kill the myth that Malaysia is a substantial oil-producing country and have quoted Venezuela and Iran as countries that have the cheapest price of petrol but have double digit inflation.He,however, forgot to mention that even at the current price the government still subsidise part of the cost.Aside from taking cheap shots at Anwar, which was unnecessary, he had done well and came out unscathed.

Both came out well, Anwar may be the star but Shabery Cheek is the real surprise and a rising star.


anak bugis johor said...

hantu, either u r Father to Shabery or his loyal employee. I dont see the cheek guy point at all. He is just rumbling and attacking personal annuar than the topic itself. Well fine, Annuar is blah blah blah, but than what is Pak Lah & the rest of UMNO leaders. Come on Sir, can we be open a bit, look like in US, it was a bloody long debate between Clinton & Obama, but both supporter reconcile and work for the chosen one. n this case, it is clear, despite what the past, what people said about Anuar, but u & I believe there is none that as good as him, may be KJ can debate and vision better than the rest of his old comrades.

TUAMKC said...

dear hantu, sorry to disappoint you. in anilnetto's survey, >90% are convinced by DSAI than shabery. go review the debate video. shabbery is good at political and personal attack than providing more facts and figures to counter DSAI. much time is wasted in political rhetorics. in one instant, he complete evaded the answer the question posted to him, which was:

In 2006, when there was a price hike, the government said it would improve public transport. Now they are saying that they are going to use the substantial savings for the benefit of the people. Can we believe that?

and you think shabery deserved the accolades? you are playing the devil's advocate.

kittykat46 said...

Last night, my neighbourhood kopitiam was overflowing with a multi-racial crowd glued to both TVs , watching the debate.
Someone in the crowd pointed at Anwar exclaiming - "This is the man who should be our PM" and there were roars of approval all round.

Yes, BN has reason to fear Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

No wonder many are moving to PR. BN's clinging to dear life with personal attack on Annuar is still a childish approach. We all want unity of all races in one party and fight common issues together. BN old ways of splitting the races in compartmentalised party system and maintaining one race supreme will no longer be the peoples' choice. The people have matured.