Friday, July 4, 2008

A Nation Of Liars

Hantu Laut

Whom should we trust now? The braggart Anwar Ibrahim, the mendacious Balasubramaniam or the beleaguered Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak ?

As I have said in my earlier article not putting any faith in the truthfulness of Bala's Statutory Declaration, true to the letter, in less than 24 hours the scum has changed his story saying he was under duress.Under duress from whom? Did Anwar threatened him? Was it threat or money that motivated him to fabricate those very damaging sworn statement he made against the Deputy Prime Minister? 

I don't care if he has been threatened by the police, a man, if he is a man,should stand up to his words and stands dignified.Under duress? My foot! A good for nothing lying and greedy bastard.

It is also perplexing that his lawyer did not warn him the consequence of his action, the changing of his story. He should be dragged to court and be punished accordingly.As an ex-cop he should know the law better than the ordinary men in the street.

The world is watching this puppet show that showcases the moral decadence of this nation, all for power and money.

Anwar Ibrahim should forget about becoming the Prime Minister of this nation, he doesn't deserve to be one.

Will Saiful follow suit in this high stake game? Money or duress?

Are we becoming a nation of liars?


Anonymous said...

The sworn SD by this man yesterday already looked fishy. Was not a very well cooked up story anyway. I especially liked the part where bala was told by Razak that Najib told him that "altantuya was susceptible to anal intercourse" Was that tit for tat?

The plot has thickened and has great potentials for a Hollywood movie. Should this be made into a movie in Hollywood, we all know who wins don't we?

Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

In today's world, word is no longer sacred. It's cheaper than a 10 cents worth candy. Worse still the words from a politician.

In the old days word of mouth is already a contract. Nowadays even contracts can 'makan tuan' if wrong or ambigous words are used.

This man has made a mockery of our SD. He had sucessfully made the SD documents almost a worthless document.

Anonymous said...

Then who should be the prime minister then? you?

Anonymous said...


kind of funny for you to make a singular statement that only with reference to anwar ibrahim ?

who cant be prime minister, you asked ? why you stop short of saying the whole bunch of the UMNO goons ? you think they deserve to be in the leading shoe ?

Come on ! we are in the tent of Royal Circus of Malaysia, and the clowns are all over the place keeping the world entertained, in a time when the rest of the world is mired in economic malaise.

As long as people like you and the likes are myopic and narrow in political preferences and views, this country will forever be clownish in the eyes of the world.

What if your wife and children are tied with C4 and with muzzles shafting down their throats, will you be man enough to maintain your point of view ? It is always easier to type and write what you think with a loud big mouth !

The last paragraph is only a hypothetical analogy , and it does not depict the actual occurence.

Try not to make simple and easy comments and chastise others when we are not in their shoes !

hantu darat said...

Yes, hantu laut should be the pi em of Malaysia. First time anywhere in the world that a hantu becomes pi em! Malaysia boleh! Hantu pun boleh!

Hantu Laut said...

anon1.57/pok kom,

The politics in this country had gone dirty.It's gutter politics.Disgusting.

Hantu Laut said...


If you have no substance for intelligent conversation,just stay away, go back to which ever kampong you came from.

Hantu Laut said...


The next time you wish to pass comment read properly what other people write and stick to the subject.Nobody talk about C4 or the murder.

We are talking about the SD and the changing of it by that scumbag and only scumbag can behave that way.If he has no balls to stand up to what he has done than he shouldn't have done it in the first place.

If you think Anwar is fit to be PM that's your business, no skin off my nose.I think he is a gutter politician of the first order.His credentials doesn't impress me.He is a product of the same school and if you think things are going to change under him good for you,for me choosing him is the same,it's just UMNO in a new shirt.A leopard will never change its spot.

Just look at Selangor under PKR what do you see,it's the same mate.It's UMNO all over again.

If he is such a good person tell me how come many of his close aides left him.

I dread the day he becomes PM of this country.That's my opinion and it stays.

You can write beautiful things about him if you wish, I really don't care,it's your right.

Hantu Laut said...

hantu darat,

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I think you should go back to Malaysia Today, it's back.That's a nicer place for people like.