Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Redemption Of Anwar Ibrahim ?

Hantu Laut

Why is the government dragging its feet on the investigation regarding Anwar's sodomy case.The recent disclosure by our iconoclastic Raja Petra of a medical report, not that I believe the report is conclusive, that confirmed the absent of any sign of buggery of the complainant Saiful has added more fuel to an already burning fire.The government should either release the result of the investigation without further ado or close the case if there were insufficient evidence to charge Anwar. 

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must understand that public opinion is against his government and the longer the delay the more severe is the people perception of the government intention of trumped-up charges against Anwar. He will gain more ground with his sympathisers and supporters and is deemed innocent even if proven guilty.Even those sitting on the fringe are beginning to doubt the government sincerity in the case.

To make matters worse the emergence of an Uncle Pet, an uncle of Saiful, whose real identity is still not known and with an image that is not exactly an epitome of wisdom, although he might be completely innocent, is not adding any credibility to the story.

Why did the doctor at the private clinic released Saiful medical report to be made known to the public? He is an Anwar's sympathiser or a conscientious medical practitioner? How thorough was his examination of the patient? What kind of doctor is he that breached professional ethic? If he thinks his finding is correct and as a professional why not stands by his reports?

Below are some of the reactions of Anwar's supporters and sympathisers taken from various blogs:


1.Raja Petra, I SALUTE U !!!!

Pandan muka Saiful & family. Becareful, if I ever meet him I will shaff a durian up his ASS! Never know how LOW can a person go to prostitute himself in the name of $$$$$!!!

2.AG first fellow who should kena `taro`. He ordered the wrongful arrest. That also abuse of power.AG must be suspended immediately and placed under house arrest.

3.“Shove a durian” into his @SS”. Might I add a batang penyapu?

4.Now this Sinfool (Saiful) guy has really screwed himself! I can tell you his arsehole is getting bigger everyday!

5.I think the whole pack of government lackeys are clowns.It is like a circus show showing the government fooling Malaysians to believe the sodomy case of Anwar.Now,the cat is out of the bag and Malaysians can throw shit at the Home Minister who is a disgrace in trying to spread lies with facts to foreign dignitaries recently.What a nincompoop Minister he is and I hope he sinks his face in the mud to escape embarrassment from them later.

6.Saifool has now become a pain in BeeEnd's Arse.Sakit!!!

7.RPK ain't a doctor, but in this case, RPK aint the only one spinning out of control.First it was a meliwat thingy.Then they checked DSAI's private part.Followed by the allegation that it ain't a dick to anus thing, but a plastic insertion matter.Then the doctor disappeared, just like that Private Eye.C'mon, folks, what else the authority has to spin?

8First it was a meliwat case.Then DSAI got his dick checked.Followed by the "plastic insertion" thing.What's next?Broom stick??Aiyoh !! Please lah !! Enuf already lah !!!       

Those comments are not from Malaysia Today but taken from other top blogs in the country.

It looks like that Saiful only had simple flu at his rear end.

Below is Uncle Pet's reaction to Raja Petra's redemption of Anwar.


Anonymous said...

Hi HL,
(I do not think I am a fanatic but I beleive in God's punishment more than human's.)My mother always said that if we got punished for something we do not do, God will reward us later but if we did not get punished for something we do, God will also "reward" us later. So if we have sinned, we will get punished sooner or later. God's punishment is not just when we are dead but also when we are still living. We are just not aware of it. If Anwar or Saiful had sinned or not we eventually will know. (Remember the story of Nabi Noh? If you think carefully can you see the similarity of what happened then to what is happenning in the world now.) If someone has sinned in anything that causes others misery, misfortune will befall on him. Even if someone was never caught or proven committing sodomy or any other sex offences,God's punishment will slowly come to them.

Mat Salo said...

GK, Sir: That video is such a hoot!

My opinion is, as far as the rakyat is concerned, Anwar is already redeemed. I might be presumptuous but even talk amongst the kampong-folk knows that this present Gov't is bungling it big time when it comes to Anwar. You see, this buggery stuff is SO distasteful to to the Malays that they're sick of it. So the better the Police can come clean and clear the whole thing up the better it will be.

P.S. I think Uncle Pet is heading to be a You Tube star soon!

Anonymous said...

I believe GOD will punish those who sinned but What I am concern now is that without a creditable police, judirical and political team, Malaysia and Malaysian will be heading to down fall.

It doesn’t matter if the system is corrupted or clean but its important that THe People believe that the system is CLEAN!

Is not the truth that matter..

Is what we believe!!!

SM said...


I truly believe that both the supporters of the BN & the Oppostion DO NOT beileve that we have a clean PDRM & Judiciary!
To the supporters of the Opposition, well, they will keep on making noise & to the supporters of the BN, well, they will keep pretending on the impartially of our system!

Hantu Laut said...

As the saying goes "God's mill grinds slow but sure"

Hantu Laut said...

Mat salo,
Nice to see you back.You been away from cyberspace for a while.I see you have met our friend Zorro whom I met when he came to Sabah recently.

I really don't know what's happening to this government,they want to stay in power but they have lost touch with the ground.

They are digging their own grave, what they are doing is just going to make Anwar more popular and more hatred for them.

Uncle Pet should have stayed away from the limelight,his presence probably has worsen the government credibility.

Hantu Laut said...

There are not many god-fearing politicians, they think they are more powerful than God when they are in power.

Success breeds arrogance and arrogance breeds contempt.That's what they are facing now, contempt.

Hantu Laut said...


Not exactly,I might not be fond of Anwar,but I certainly don't adore the present government, everybody know there are just too much hanky-panky going on.

Anwar himself has made mistake, he is too much in a hurry to takeover the government,he should have concentrated his effort on the 5 states first and waits until the next election to takeover the Federal government.I don't agree with his method of trying to topple a duly elected government, he would be doing exactly what the BN has been practising all along in Sabah.

Now, if he goes to jail,he ruined his chance of ever getting there.

Khun Pana said...

Aunt pet so "beautiful" lah.
We dont give a hoot about you and we aint not interested what went inside saifool's booty.
I do agree with RPK , this aunt pet looks more like into the bootilicious thingy.
Is this pet a roadside hotdog seller?
Anyway, we do NOT care if theres a sodomy or there was no sodomy.
We want a fair and square trial.
But judging from the way the court handles Altantuya's trial. sigh .

***this sodomy and Altantuya leads to najib doorsteps. I don't have to add more here.You be the judge and the jury.