Monday, July 21, 2008

Stupid Diplomat:Mind Your Own Business

Hantu Laut

Some people just have no sense of shame and has no balls to put their name on an official statement they made to the media.

A Filipino diplomat who wanted to stay anonymous because he has no balls said the economy of Malaysia particularly Sabah would collapse if the Malaysian government continue to deport illegal immigrant.The diplomat said the number of Filipinos in Sabah alone could reach 400,000.

Every Sabahan knew that figure, which was also agreed by the Malaysian government, is wrong and manufactured by the Federal government.The actual figure of mostly illegal Filipino immigrants is close to 1 million and another 300,000 Indonesians, making almost 1.3 million of them scattered all over the state.The ratio is almost 1:1, that's one illegal for every Sabahan.

The government refused to admit the correct figure because it would show how irresponsible they have been toward providing security to the state.

Sabahans have been besieged by the presence of these aliens for decades and the situation is getting worse day by day by letting in new arrivals.Their different cultural background and social behaviour breeds contempt among ethnic Sabahans.

The Philippines government and the unnamed diplomat should be ashamed of themselves for the abject poverty in their country that drove their citizens to seek better life in other countries illegally.Every one of its government, past and present, are only interested to rob the country and run it to the ground.

President Arroyo ! I think it's time you wake up and deal with the problem with probity rather than letting your stupid diplomat to make equally stupid statement.

Below is the article:

Deportations may lead to collapse of Malaysia economy
By Veronica Uy
First Posted 08:35:00 07/21/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- The economy of Malaysia, particularly of Sabah, could collapse if its government continues with the crackdown and deportation of so-called illegal migrant workers, including hundreds of thousands of Filipinos, a Filipino diplomat said.

The diplomat, who requested anonymity as he does not have any authority to speak on the issue, affirmed earlier reports that Filipinos in Sabah are allowed to vote in Sabah elections, and that they are then deported in regular anti-illegal migrants campaigns.

"This follows a regular cycle. After every election, the politicians seek to show their teeth and after a concessional deportation of a few thousands, they would again look the other way because they also realize the contribution that our people have on their economy. Without them, their economy would collapse," he said.

The diplomat said the number of Filipinos in Sabah alone could reach as many as 400,000.

While there are no official estimates, Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Esteban Conejos puts the number at around 200,000, while Malaysia puts the number at around 300,000.

Told that the Malaysian government has expressed "seriousness" in ridding the island of "illegal migrants," the unnamed Filipino diplomat said, "Their seriousness is limited by their logistics. Imagine deporting that many people. They would lose their shirt."

Both sides agree that the Philippines' un-acted claim over Sabah complicates the deportation further because while the country seeks for an orderly deportation of Filipinos from Sabah, it cannot formally set up a consulate office there as it would effectively be recognizing Malaysia's claim over Sabah. A consulate office in Sabah would facilitate the documentation of the deportees, who for the most part were born and raised in Sabah and know no other home but Sabah.

Malaysia contends that it has jurisdiction over Sabah because the people of Sabah have so chosen, and it occupies the oil-rich island. International law experts agree that occupation is nine-tenths of any similar claim.

The Philippines' claim is based on historical records, which indicate that the sultanate of Sulu owns Sabah. This is supported by the annual lease payment made by the Sabah government to the sultan and his heirs.

After the March elections in Malaysia, its government has stepped up deportations, sending back around 250 “illegal migrants” each week to Zamboanga City, where the Philippine government has set up a one-stop processing center composed of officials from the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and the Department of Foreign Affairs .Read more...Pirate Ship pictures

They came by boats, some as pirates.Remember the Sipadan kidnapping?

You have accused the Malaysian government of using your citizens to vote illegally in our elections.Show us the evidence so we Sabahans can kick the asses in Putrajaya.

Mr Diplomat, please indentify yourself, so our government can send a protest letter to your Embassy.

Which economy would collapse? Ours or Yours ? Ours had collapsed a few times but recovered quickly.Do you see millions of Malaysian as economic refugees in other country? Does our economy depend on overseas remittances like yours?

Yours, collapsed under the Marcos regime and have not recovered ever since and the problem is you and most Filipinos are still living in cloud cuckoo land.

That's why your country is in such a mess. There are just too many morons like you.


SM said...

The deportations may lead to a collapse of the Philippine Economy. Wait a minute...their economy is alreday in "collapse mode" any way!!!!!

kittykat46 said...

Hmmm...not that I think it will actually happen anyway, but I can believe there could be major disruptions in the urban areas and plantations if all the illegals were sent home.

Can you imagine what happens when 50% of the inhabitants are forced out ? Who harvests the oil palm ? Who collects the rubbish ? Who constructs the buildings ?

The logical answer is - locals need to do it, and we need to find ways to do it using fewer but better paid people.

But that's much easier to say than to implement.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways of doing things without the use of illegal workers, believe me. Unfortunately a number of us have become filthy rich and became lazy. One thing certain, they will have to do something to remedy the absence of the foreign workers. Ther will be less people to feed anyhow, so the economic of scale will not be a burden.
Who to colloect rubbish? These have been done by locals employed by District Councils. What say you if the councils adopt a new strategy of buying rubbish. There will be more local entrepreneurs setting up groups to go around collecting rubbish and selling them to the councils. Right?
The Philippne government don't have to worry what will happen to Sabah if their people leave Sabah. They should worry how to feed them and maintain thier law and order.

Hantu Laut said...


You are right.They don't want their own people back.Not only the economy will suffer there will be widespread crime and violence when they couldn't find jobs.

Hantu Laut said...


We need some of them but not the numbers we have now.They must be properly documented.

Hantu Laut said...


In every fast developing and developed economies, the people become choosy with jobs,most menial work are done by cheap imported labour.