Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parliament Will Never Be The Same Again

Hantu Laut

Congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim.The people of Permatang Pauh have decided overwhelmingly to return him to Parliament.

Anwar garnered 31,195 v0tes giving him a majority of 2136 votes over his rival UMNO's Arif Shah who could have done better if not for his party's screwed up campaign style.

Anwar's majority was a slight improvement of those obtained by his wife, he garnered 2,136 more votes than her.

His victory came as no surprise and most Malaysians look forward to an exciting and colourful time in Parliament.

Let's hope with his presence in Parliament and as leader of the oppositions, there would be more check and balance in the government.


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Yes,congratulations to him. He won't stop there until his dream of becoming PM is a reality.

Anyway, let's give him the chance and see what he changes he can bring about.

Anonymous said...

We have a new Prime Minister today...


ketam said...

Hari ini ANWAR IBDRAHIM dah MENANG dan akan duduk dalam PARLIMEN. Maka HARI INI bermulalah proses MENGHAPUSKAN HAK KEISTIMEWAAN MELAYU,HAK AGAMA ISLAM SEBAGAI AGAMA RASMI NEGARA DAN HAK BAHASA MELAYU SEBAGAI BAHASA KEBANGSAAN.Hari ini juga bermulalah PERJUANGAN ANWAR dan kuncu-kuncu nya utkmenghapuskan perkara tersebut yang menjadi tunjang keamanan dan keharmonian negara. BErsedialah wahai umat ISLAM MELAYu khusunya utk menghadapi penghapusan DEB dan Wawasan2020. Bersedialah untuk menerima kenyataan bahawa selepas ini semua agensi kerajaan yg dikhususkan untuk orang MELAYU dan BUMIPUTERA akan dibuka kepada Bukan Bumiputera.MARA,FELDA,RISDA,MARDI,FELCRA dan banyak lagi akan diambilalih oleh bukan bumiputera.

Ini lah yang dimahukan oleh ORANG_ORANG MELAYU yg menyokong ANWAR dan PKR kerana mereka mahu kesamarataan.

Saya bukan menentang hak bukan bumiputera tetapi ini adalah HAK KEISTIMEWAAN yg diperolehi kerana banyak yg dikorbankan oleh nenek moyang saya dalam memberi HAK KERAKYATAN kepada mereka,walaupun mereka beritahu bahawa mereka lahir di bumi MALAYSIA sekalipun tetapi mereka masih mesti melihat sejarah kerana jika nenekmoyang saya tak bersetuju memberi HAK KERAKYATAN kepada mereka maka mereka akan dilahirkan di NEGARA ASAL MEREKA..


SM said...


Yes, congratulations to DSAI. Again, I firmly believe, the voters of PP & most peace-loving Malaysians want to have a "ONE" Nation, where Race & Religion are not used for Politics.
PP voters did not vote for DSAI. They voted for the "possible" change that he & the PR "may" bring. They voted so that our chlidren can work together & play together without having to worry about an incident like the "May 13th" which the BN so loves to bring up.
Just look at what Si-Ketam has to say. With people like him/her still around, is it any wonder that we are a nation still divided by Race & Religion?
He talks about Wawasan 2020? It can ONLY be achieved by having a competitice society (which we do not have). Chinese, Indians & others are brought up to "learn" that they have to be "strong" & "competitive" & that they will get no "hand-outs" from the Government so they stive from an early age & a lot of them leave later on in life & do well overseas, thus benefitting other countries.
People like Ketam spew their "warped" logic from day one & they pass it on to their children! Their children learn from an early age that they don't need to compete. The moment they have competition (look at those UiTM students!), they panic & lose all logic!
After 51 years of Merdeka, tell me that we don't need to do something different...The non-Bumiputras love Malaysia just as much as any Bumiputra (& for those who opt to stay, probably even more!).
The PP voters voted for "CHANGE" not for the cult of DSAI.

Francis said...

God is great!! I have prayed for a good man to lead us and He has answered. May god continue to bless him and his family abundantly. Have a good day to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi HL,
I beleive when AI started entering politics again, he also started the beginning of his downfall as a person. We will be hearing more and more about him, his characters,his deals and wheels,secrets and what not. He is not going to bring any change in Malaysian politics or people but he is going to create chaos and disorder on the streets because he is that kind of person, a person who believes he has the answer to every problem and that he is the only truly great leader and chaos is the way to get international attention that he craves so much.

matrimns said...

This is a critical point in Malaysian History. This will set us in the path for the coming 50 years ie Are we going to look inwards and compete amongst ourselves or to come out of our shell and compete globally with the likes of China, India and even rising economies like Vietnam and Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Dah kena macam ni pun masih tak mau berhenti. Macam mana lagi dia mau. KJ ke Permatang Pauh pun takut mau turun kereta. Dollah datang orang pun menyampah. Masih ada hati mau bertanding jawatan UMNO.

Ahli2 UMNO di Sabah, jangan calonkan Dollah anak beranak untuk pegang jawatan. Dollah dan KJ mesti berhenti dan keluar dari UMNO !!

Hantu Laut said...

I appreciate your fear but I think we should rise above all these, if we are to learn to be at par or better than the other races.To much protection will make us complacent and take the easy way out.We will forever be dependent on the government to protect and spoon feed us.

I don't think the Chinese and Indians would want to take away 'hak Melayu',all they wanted was to be recognised as Malaysians and treated with the same respect.

Very few non-Malays actually complained about the NEP. What all of us not happy about, Malays included, is the NEP being turned into a gravy train for the benefits of a few and the massive corruption.

Hantu Laut said...

The people of Permatang Pauh have spoken and the political scenery may or may not change in the short term.Even if Anwar doesn't make it to Putrajaya, it is still good for the country as we will have a strong opposition that would keep the government on its toes.

My opinion would differ from yours, I still believe the votes are first and foremost for Anwar and the 'One Nation,One People' is secondary to the Malays in PP.

If Anwar was never jailed for the sodomy charges he wouldn't be as popular as he is today. If Mahathir had just sacked him before, he could possibly end up like Musa Hitam and Razaleigh.

SM said...


Yes, we disagree on one or two points but on th ewhole we want the same things.
However, all we need to do is sit back & watch UMNO continue with its screwed up ways...thye have shown that they will NEVER change.
They are now going after Bloggers. I'm sure yo have heard that Streamyx users cannot access RPK's Malaysia Today?
Just give UMNO enough rope...they will hang themselves. All DSAI has to do is stay focused & not give up...give him that...he sure is persistant, UMNO will help him along!