Sunday, August 24, 2008

Statutory Declaration:Have Malaysians Gone Overboard ?

Hantu Laut

Malaysians hankering for a change in government have thrown caution to the wind and acted beyond the bound of acceptable human behaviour, that have the crudest of form and conjure weird tales from the twilight zones.

Some seemed to have the congenital inability to tell the truth. Those with the unflattering ability to spread falsehood have become celebrated purveyors of tales from the shit hole.

The latest in the episode of the uncouth use of the SD (Statutory Declaration) came from an ex-driver, a man honest to the bone.

This time it is the DPM again(Deputy Prime Minister), the target of intense propaganda machine that's out to end his political career.

The frivolous SD was a sworn statement of Thagarajoo, an ex-driver to Kenneth Esrawan, a close friend of Najib, declared that Najib is a Muslim by birth but a Hindu by practice.

Najib would be stupid if he doesn't capitalise on this SD in the Permatang Pauh by-election in the next few days to show the Malay voters to what extent, how far, how low and how dirty Anwar and his supporters are prepared to go to smear his name and that of the government to win this by- election and try to take over the government illegitimately when he is voted into Parliament.

Raja Petra seems to have the uncanny ability to obtain SD from truthseekers with schizoid tendencies.

Sorry for you Anwar Ibrahim, your overzealous supporters could be your biggest downfall.

This time you really are going to pissed-off your Malay voters.

Read the piquant SD of the piss artist here.

Even the Imam is playing politics read here and here


Anonymous said...

Najib is Hindu, this is a joke right?
This Statutoray Declaration (SD) is really getting outta hand!
It has become more of a jokes than facts… wakakakaka
Not sure this Tamil guy who made this SD worked for Najib or Anwar.
I bet he worked for Najib because declaring Najib as Hindu is more outrages than Anwar ass playing accusation.
I cant stop laughing at this *Najib is Hindu* !!!
Next SD, Badawi is Toaist & he's one of the best sifu in town!
gila… gila…
if those guys who come up with this idea is not GILA than I'm almost gila laughing none stop!
maybe just maybe all Pahang MP got the weakness for black magic.
Remember Dato Mazlan Idris who sought the help of Bomoh Mona Fendi?
The Dato was decapilated by the BOMOH!
It was abit outrages to believe that a man of Mazlan status can become such victim
its easy to look from outside as everything is clearer.
I wont totally rule out that Najib & Rosmah performed those ritual because for them Power is above everything else, they will do eveything possible to remain in power.
Msia political scene is a circus now!!!

Khun Pana said...

Why not? And it is not hard to believe so.
Maybe you better starts watching more P.Ramli films as films make by P.Ramli truly reflects the malay culture.
However it is extremely difficult to accuse najib and his rosie is a Taoist.Unless najib loves to eat roast pork .
But in Bolehland everything is possible.

Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

The quest for power and wealth had turned most of our politicians and their supporters mad.

Declare whatever they want but I find it hard to believe that Najib is a practising Hindu.

Anonymous said...


What so peculiar about it ?
It is not the first time, and it wouldn't be the last.

You have too much respect for the politicians in Malaysia, especially those that you have affinities for.

While you think that the opposition are dragging your beloved ruling politicians through the mud, your two eyes are closed to the fact that the honour of the country, its people are smeared beyond recognition in the international arena !

Anonymous said...

Actually Malays have been practicing Hindu culture for years... is it not?

Mandi Safar
Mandi Bunga
Berinai before Bresanding
Pulut Kuning
.. and many, many more

Hantu Laut said...

Someone is desperate.

Hantu Laut said...

khun pana,

No comment!

Hantu Laut said...

pok kam,
Some Malaysians have gone completely bonkers.

Hantu Laut said...

Read my header.You need to go back to school if you can understand simple English.You sound like all of them,quick to jump to conclusion that if I am not with you I am with them.

Hantu Laut said...

Fully agree with you.

SM said...


Despite the fact that I think Najib & Rosmah are knee deep in "shit" & are also "responsible" for Altantuya's murder, I don't believe that he is Hindu.
HOWEVER, tell me, is going to a BOMOH & doing all the "mumbo-jumbo" that these Bomohs do, Islamic? From what my Muslim friends tell me, it is against Islam, yet the Malays still go to Bomohs right?
So tell me, is it so far fetched that Najib will "use" the services of an Hindu "bomoh"? Think about it. Desperate times my friend, desperate times for Najib. he will use"anything" in his means to overcome it!
He does not have to be an Hindu to do that!

Hantu Laut said...


I am not a partisan that you made me out to be and I personally know many politicians from both sides of the political fence.I have written for or against both sides.If you go through some of the posts in my archives you would find just as many of them criticised the government,but the difference is I don't get mauled by any of their supporters as much as if I wrote something on Anwar or his Pakatan(not you,you have been very civil with your responses)those mostly using anonymous who were even afraid of using a pseudonym because they are cowards.

You probably missed my recent post where I mentioned about Hindu culture practised by the Malays.It's here

Don't get me wrong, not only Najib.Many Malays consult the bomoh which is already inherent in the Malay culture for yonks and I wouldn't rule out possibly Anwar and his family are in it too.

As it is part of the culture it is difficult to get rid off just like some Chinese who believe in fung shui.

It is not what Najib did was my concern, it is the use and abuse of the SD that I find revolting and undignified.

SM said...


Yes, I agree with you on what you have said & I do apologise to you as I missed the article you wrote on "Hindu Culture practiced by Malays".
Yes, who knows, DSAI may als be consulting Bomohs?!
I somewhat agree with you on the point that the "SD" has been abused & in the same way (& I guess even worse), the "Quran" has been abused (we know who they are) too.
For me it si not so much as supporting DSAI as opposing the BN 9read: UMNO). Looking at how they have acted in the past, we can see how they will act in the future.
What scares me is that Pak Lah will really pass on the baton to Najib!!!!!
No, we have to lear from our mistakes. The BN will have to be thought a good lesson. Let them get kicked out for a while, then maybe (but I doubt it) they will come back better!
As for differing views, I think we can all differ just as long as we are civil (no need to be like these politicians!).After all we want the same good things in life for ourselves & our chlidren.

Anonymous said...

fainted on this one. come on man.
ha ha ha. why not expose the malays who go to bomohs? haiyah.