Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Enigma Has Spoken

Hantu Laut

In my previous article 'Tunku Aziz: An Enigma?' I raised the question and rationale of him, not so much as joining politics but his choice of political party, DAP a party aligned to Anwar Ibrahim whom, going from some of his past articles , one can conclude that Anwar is not one of his favourite politicians.

In the past, West Malaysian politicians including Anwar himself had ridiculed,condemned and laughted at Sabah politicians, those that can be easily bought by offer of money and positions.Today the disease promoted by Anwar to grab power had come to the Peninsula and those in the Pakatan camp made it sounds so morally acceptable to use this option to take over a duly elected government.What's is even more surprising the Western media which usually screamed their head off on such undemocratic actions are keeping their silence.

Although I don't think the present government is doing a fantastic job I do believe Anwar should wait until the next general elections to mount a challenge to takeover the government.In the meantime he should stay and be a good and effective opposition.

Much as I have suspected Tunku Aziz will not disappoint those who believe in the ballot boxes and the democratic process.Below is his wisdom on Anwar's political philosophy.

KUALA LUMPUR: It is unethical to don the mantle of government other than through the ballot box, says DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.
In disagreeing with the idea of forming a government by asking politicians to switch sides, he said: "This is really a matter not so much of politics but really to do more with ethics in politics.

"There is no law to stop people from crossing over from one party to another and this has happened in Sabah where opposition members crossed over to Barisan Nasional.

"Still, this does not really give it any legitimacy just because it has happened before.

"I totally disagree with it. The only way you can really achieve legitimacy to govern is through the ballot box. As I have said before, there is a time and place for it.
"The time is the next general election and the place is the polling station," he told the New Straits Times. Read more........


Hanief said...

When is the PRU13? Any idea?

SM said...


You wrote:-

"Although I don't think the present government is doing a fantastic job I do believe Anwar should wait until the next general elections to mount a challenge to takeover the government.In the meantime he should stay and be a good and effective opposition".
I fully agree with you bro..however, THINK you think UMNO is going to let DSAI contest in the next GE? Don't you think he's going to be in jail? They did it once, they WILL do it again lah...the Ballot Box in many of us believes in the "honesty" of the BN & EC?!
The Corruptions Perception Index just released by Transperancey International has ranked us "47". Singapore is "4"!!!!! God help us!
Oh wait a minute...I'm sure the BN (read: UMNO) will have excuses for this! But then again, our Media have not really "advertised" this has it?
Yes, ideally I agree, DSAI & the PR should wait for the next GE...because I guess they will do much better than the last GE...bearing in mind they will have to overcome Phantom Voters, Postal Voters, sudden "emergence" of Ballot Boxes at the last minute, etc, etc...which we all know WILL happen again as per normal.
I FIRMLY believe (as I'm sure you do too!), DSAI will not be able to stand for the next GE because he will be in jail.
He's only hope is for the PR to take over the Federal Govt. now. It's what Malaysia has come to the way...I'm with RPK! Either charge him in court or release him!!!!! Oh wait! Najib is going to be PM soon (or should I say Rosmah?), no way is RPK going to be released withing the next FEW years!
God help us!

Anonymous said...

Well said, SM. I'm with you on this. said...


Why is it when Pakatan rakyat won 5 states and the FT, the Election Commission was fair and transparent? But when BN won, you quickly accuse the very same EC as 'dishonest' and cheater?

Anyway, I dont believe Anwar will go to jail if the courts find him innocent of the sodomy case.

Please remember that the court proceedings will be very open and scrutinised by all Malaysians if not the world. Any smell of conspiracy will ruin the government's reputation and it will suffer the inevitable in the hands of the voters come PRU 13!

But in the mean time, please ask Anwar to act like a "STATESMAN".

Tell him that it is possible for him to be a statesman even in his capacity as an Opposition Leader. Stop the political rhetorics that can destablised the country's economy at once! At least until after we go thru this economic uncertainties.

In these days of unprecedented world economic crisis which can easily engulf the whole country and destroy the economy, it is more imperative than ever that politicians from both sides of the divide, exercise caution and show bipartisan stand in rescuing the economy.

Learn from the US presidential candidates. Yes they have differences and styles but when it comes to protecting the interest and the common good of America, they would unite in one voice and action.

SM said...


Yes, I agree that DSAI should act like Statesman. I guess he is in a way. Maybe he's taking this Opposition leader thing too far.
However, please don't fool yourself by saying that our Courts will find him innocent if he's not guilty. Please, who in this country either BN or Opposition believes that the Judiciary is Independent? Come on lah. We may have differences but let's be honest. No one in this country believes the Independence of our Judiciary. Look at the last time he was charged...the amount of "crap' they came up with & he was still found guilty.
Wait a minute, the whole world knows how corrupted our Government is...I guess no need for DSAI to say so!
Just look at the statistics of the last GE, the Opposition garnered almost just as many votes as the BN (was it 49% to 52%?), yet they only won slightly over 1/3rd of the Seats? They should have won almost an even number as the BN. You still say that the BN & EC is fair? Geeezzzeeeee!
By the way, you can't use the USA as an example...WHY? Because just look at have someone like Obama who's father was from Kenya (wahhhh...Pendatang lah!) running for the US Presidency!
When a Non-Malay MALAYSIAN (don't matter what his origin as long as he is Malaysian) can run for the PM-ship of Malaysia, then use the USA as an example!As for the Economy, yup, it's easy to blame DSAI for the "rut" that we are in right? AAB & Najib & UMNO (don't even mention the hopeless MIC, MCA & gerakan) have been on about the succession Plan!
I guess we will blame DSAI for the corruption, cronyism, & God knows what else you have in UMNO?!
It's not that Malaysians love DSAI so much. It's that they have no choice...we have no one lese who can take on UMNO!
The DAP & PAS's Chinese Pendatang right? The other is Muslim Extremist right?
At leats with DSAI & the PR Malaysians have an laternative now...
If he really becomes PM, the DAP & PAS will be there to ensure that he "tows" the line or else they will get out of the PR & he won't be PM anymore!

Hantu Laut said...

Somewhere near Andromeda.Unreachable.

Hantu Laut said...


You are a great conspiracy theorist.I believe it wouldn't be easy for them to fix Anwar this time if the allegation is not true.I don't think Anwar is going to jail and he certainly will participate in the next elections.

Depending on how UMNO conduct its business after Najib took over.If Najib can change the government attitude and bring in some speedy reforms and make the things they do more transparent than Anwar may have to wait until the next elections, but if Najib screw up bigger than Pak Lah than Anwar will get his trophy sooner.

I don't think phantom voters are rampant practice of the BN, otherwise PR wouldn't be able to win so many seats and took over 5 states.

Hantu Laut said...

You are right there,I don't think there was wholesale cheating by the BN.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you there have been too much corruptions in our government.

On the results of the last election you said the oppositions garnered just as many votes as the BN and I believe it could be true.

Our parliamentary system is based on the number of seats or constituencies not on total popularity votes.It may not be the best system but it has worked well in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

The same thing happened in Sabah when Bersekutu took on the BN and lost all seats but the total votes were quite close to those obtained by BN.

I believe the judiciary have brought self-imposed changes and wouldn't be subservience to the executive anymore.You may have to give them a bit more time to prove that they have changed for the better.

It is now up to UMNO whether they want to keep the government or not.They need to change.

If they don't, than Anwar deserves to take the government

SM said...

HL & Guys,

Conspiracy Theorist...! Maybe I watch too many movies!
Anyway, what happened to DSAI under TDM is History. He was found guilty despite a whole lot of "crap" accusations & we saw how the Judiciary behaved then! I'm a firm believer in History repeatng itself, if we don't learn from it.
IF Najib does REFORM UMNO. IF he abolishes the ISA. IF he places the ACA under Parliment Control. If he reforms the Judiciary. I will be the first one to apologize. I will also go back to being a BN supporter.
Despite all the accusations against him (of which I believe he should have stood up in Court to refute but...!), none I guess have really been proven (similarly to what is happening to DSAI now with these Sodomy Charges). Therefore he should be given a chance.
However, I think Ku Li, if given a chance, will "beat" Najib at the UMNO Elections, so Najib may not have a chance to do anything.
Unfortunately I also believe that UMNO is so deeply ridden with Corruption that they will not be able to change unless something drastic happens, i.e. they get kicked out.
NO matter what, the emergence of PR has been good for us...for at least we have TWO different Options now!