Friday, September 5, 2008

Good News For Pak Lah: SAPP Breaking Up

Hantu Laut

After all the bad news swirling around Pak Lah, there are some good news from the "Land Below The Wind".

As anticipated SAPP appears heading for a split.Several high ranking party officials contemplating leaving the party.Many are fed up with Yong over his repeated actions to embarrass the Prime Minister and the top BN leadership.

The Daily Express reported that at least 2 vice-presidents and up to 6 Supreme council members may quit the party in the coming days.

The vice-presidents and Supreme council members boycotted a convention organised by SAPP on Sabah issues on Saturday.Ironically, Harris Salleh, Yong's long-time political enemy now turned erstwhile opponent spoke at the convention invited by Yong. Even Tawau MP Chua Soon Bui had distanced herself from the party leadership.She and many SAPP top leaders were absent.

According to the source many are fed up with the way Yong led the party as most of the statements he made were not agreeable to the majority of the party leaders and Supreme council members.

In another event, PBS Vice-President Herbert Timbon took to task UPKO President and Minister in the Prime Minister's department Bernard Dompok for his statement on Wednesday that there should be no reason to stop any BN component member from having discussions or meetings with the opposition for reason of strengthening the Government.Dompok also said he sees nothing wrong with Yong meeting Anwar as UMNO has also met PAS over similar matter.

God knows where this minister come from who can't differentiate between a turncoat and an army that wanted to consolidate its position.They are not one and the same.

Such atrocious statement coming from a minister in the PM's department can only mean Dompok has the intention of abandoning ship and only waiting for the right time.

The PM should watch this man closely.Potential

If you can't give your loyalty,don't beat around the bush, be a man, resign and join the opposition.After all you have been a before and it's not going to make your name smell any better.

Anwar, beware! Don't buy a pig in the poke.

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