Friday, September 19, 2008

Pride Goes Before A Fall

Hantu Laut

The Hebrew proverb "pride goes before a fall" warn a person that pride will cause one to fall or fail.It can also mean that you have too high opinion of yourself or your abilities and something will happen to make you look stupid.It is now a commonly used English idiom.

History has shown that many world leaders had gone down or lost their lives due to pride.Shah of Iran, Marcos of the Philippines and Suharto of Indonesia are just a few of those that have been booted out for having overstayed their welcome.

If anything can go wrong,it will.Murphy's Law.

For the past five years everything have gone against Pak Lah.Some are beyond his control but more are of his own doing.

Sometimes, fate has a strange way of warning us that we may not be suited in what we are doing and the signals maybe subtle in the earlier stage but would become more audible and visible as we keep ignoring it.

The most crucial moment of his entire life will be decided in the next few weeks whether he should hang on to his pride and sees the end of UMNO political hegemony or make a personal sacrifice to save the party.

The voices of dissent is getting louder not only from the oppositions but also from within his own party.It would be perilous to UMNO to maintain the status quo.

Only Pak Lah can decide which direction he wants to go and time may not be on his side.


Laura1318 said...

This is a great piece and I enjoyed reading it. I hope what you wrote will come true. We have to throw away this useless yoke and be free .

He should go quietly or be dumped unceremoniously by his party.
Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

It would be wise for him to step down graciously, rathen than being thrown out forcibly

SM said...


The problem with Pak Lah stepping down is that Najib will be PM!!!!!
This is the guy who told the gathering in Kampung Baru years ago that he will bathe the Keris with Chinese blood!!!!!
That's the least of what's "stuck" to him. We know about all the "other" stuff.
One other thing, do we really want Rosmah as "First Lady"?! God help us!
If Pak Lah is going to hand over reins to Najib (read: Rosmah) then I pray DSAI & the PR take over the Federal Govt!

Hantu Laut said...

People can change.It may not be fair to brand Najib alone on that issue.Even Anwar was branded a Malay ultra at one time and the Chinese were suspicious of him then.

The Atlantuya murder implicating him were all hearsay and the opposition have not come up with any concrete evidence.Anybody can sign a statutory declarations.Those are not evidence of the truth.People can lie and some will lie for money.

Remember the doctored photo by PKR.They can't even get a single photo of Najib and the girl up to today let alone supply any substantive material evidence.If there is such photos in existence I am sure members of the family or her friends would have supplied the photos to foreign media who would love to get their hand on it and will pay good money to get it.

Most young girls like to show off their relationship with famous man.
If Najib has been with her or they have had intimate relationship I don't believe there is not a single photo of her with Najib and why it has not surface speaks for itself.

I don't know Najib from Adam and I have no benefits by saying this.I believe he is not involved.

You should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Hantu Laut said...

I think Pak Lah will go sooner than what he has decided earlier.It's for his own good and that of the nation.

SM said...


Sure I can give him the benefit of the doubt about Altantuya. I can even give Rosmah the benefit of the doubt! I can "forget" about the "scandal" with the Submarines.
However, tell me, how can I as a Malaysian who feels strongly about "Bangsa Malaysia" & can I "forget" what he said about "bathing the Keris in Chinese Blood" 9& I'm not Chinese. What do the Chinese Malaysians feel about those "brave" words?!)? He's supposed to be the future PM of ALL Malaysians! Has he ever admitted having said those words? Has he ever apologised? I don't think so.
If AAB goes now then we really have to pary hard!