Monday, September 15, 2008

Tunku Aziz:An Enigma ?

Hantu Laut

After having done four years in a Malay primary school I was selected to go to one of the premier schools at Jesselton in the then British North Borneo.

Coming from a Malay school I had to attend two years of bridge classes, a kind of preparatory class to learn the English language and learn all subjects in English for entry to secondary level.

My first and second year at that school was the time I met Tunku Abdul Aziz, my English and form teacher.A tall burly man with light pockmarked face who spoke English with a twang, he can either give you comfort as well as strike terror.He was a perfect example of a person you either love or hate.Though I didn't have many years of his teachings, on hindsight, I would say he was a good teacher.

Tunku left North Borneo and went back to Malaya soon after I entered my secondary level.I believe most students have lost contact with him soon thereafter.

I only rediscover Tunku a few years back through his various articles published in our national papers from time to time and his active participation in Transparency International.He has also served in various capacities in the private and public sector.He is an avid critic of corruptions in government and has sat on the advisory boards of various International organisations.He has been apolitical all this while until last month when he joined the DAP which came as a huge surprise to many people.

One would have thought that if he had wanted to go into politics he would join PKR.The choice of DAP was baffling, making him an enigma.He wouldn't want to join UMNO because of his critical view of the party and his constant reminder of corruptions in government.

The probable reasons for him not joining PKR was that he might have burned the bridge between him and Anwar by his article that appeared in the New Straits Times on July 27 2008 titled 'Cut the theatrics,Anwar,and let Malaysians get on with their live'.

What I found inexplicable and one that left me in the lurch is that if Anwar isn't his cup of tea as the next prime minister of this country, isn't joining DAP is in conflict with this political philosophy ?

It is simply stupefying that someone who had written an irate article against the person a month ago can now join forces with him indirectly through a coalition partner who is likely to agree to stage a coup to bring down a duly elected government.

It would be interesting to find out where Tunku Aziz's stand is with Anwar taking over the government by luring BN lawmakers by offering sweeteners to defect to his side?


SM said...


I don't think it's so hard to understand why he joined the DAP.
The DAP has over the years (with a few mistakes of course along the way) been very "consistent" with its "aims".
If I am not miataken they are..."Bangsa Malaysia", Unity & Equality for ALL Races, "Real" Freedom of Religion & "Need-Based" help as opposed to "Race-based" help.
You yourself have mentioned that the reason why you have not "shot" them (well I don't think you used those words but it was somthing like that) was because you felt that they were "honest" in what they wanted for Malaysia (or something to that effect).
Whether DSAI becomes PM or not is of Secondary Importance to Tunku Aziz because he has joined the party that he feels deserves his "support" the most. When & if DSAI "fails" in his duty, I beileve Tunku Aziz will be there together with the DAP to "point" it out!
I fully agree with his choice. Look at the BN...Mahatir, Pak Lah, Najib, Samy Velu, Kho Szu Khoo, Lim Liong Sik, Lim Kaing Yek...the list is too long & then look at the DAP...Lim Kit Siang (ex-ISA Datainee), Karpal Singh (ex-ISA Detainee), Lim Guan Eng (he went to jail because he was willing to uphold the diginity of a "wronged" underaged Malay girl, whereelse that worthless Rahim from UMNO...!)...
Yes, I believe Tunku Aziz has joined the correct party!
The DAP has always been branded by UMNO as a "Chinese" Party...however, it's not because the DAP has stopped the Malays & Indians from joining them (as you know,there is a difference). From what I know of the DAP, the Malays & Indians & Other Races are most welcome!

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you on the one concerning the DAP but Tunku is still an enigma.

One thing I believe why he did not join UMNO or PKR because of his anti-corruption campaign and his past association with NGOs like Transparency International.

It is good if he can keep his ideals and continue the fight against corruption.