Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ugly American:Revitalized

Hantu Laut

"Peaceful expression of political opinions is a fundamental right and critical to a democracy" said a US State official.

Our envoy in Washington was summoned by the US State Department to protest the crackdown on dissent at a time when the opposition was attempting to take over power.

Although I abhor the use of the ISA to detain dissenters without fair trail, I equally detest the U.S interference and meddling of the internal affairs of this nation.We may be a democracy but we have different polity and political situation and cannot be as the American wanted us to be -- one size fits all democracy.

The American think they are more sanctimonious than others and can go round the globe throwing punches and hectoring other governments to measure up to their standards and frivolous demand.A claim they themselves do not measure up to.

They have promoted and harboured corrupt and villainous dictators from the Shah of Iran, Marcos of Philippines to Sadam of Iraq and helped installed some of the most repressive regimes in some African and Latin American countries.They have committed human right abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.They have used their military might to kill hundreds of thousand of innocent Iraqis in the Gulf and Iraq Wars.They have abused human rights and throw suspected terrorists in prison without trail and denied them rights to legal assistance in Guantanamo Bay.They helped run torture cells in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries to extract information from suspected terrorists.They have now helped bring back, to suit their agenda, the most corrupt man as President of Pakistan.

Should people like this be allowed to speak up and protest against the laws of other countries when they are the biggest culprits of human right abuses on citizens of other countries.

When it is not in their interest, they could not differentiate between a duly elected government and the one this is not.

When Hamas was elected to power they withdrew all financial aids to the Palestinian people.If you are friends of America you can even get away with murder,like the Shah of Iran and the Savaks, his secret police known to have made many dissidents disappear without trace.

Now they are trying to help Anwar Ibrahim to overthrow a duly elected government undemocratically because he is friend of America.If you are friends of America, your are fine,you can do it even if it is undemocratic or against human rights.

I am against the ISA but I am more against bloody hypocrites flaunting their pseudo image of high morality and sanctimoniousness.

America ! Buzz Off ! Get back to where you belong.


Anonymous said...

yes you are very right. After all these years supporting the dicators of UMNO/BN it is high time these USA come clean by ditching these UMNO/BN criminals. Look brother the Americans have always been supporting and proping up this racist UMNO/BN regime.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite of the highest order= USA.... remember Guantanamo?


Anonymous said...

Americans are by far the largest supporter of aid to the Palestinian people. As for being the most heinous abusers of human rights, that is nonsense. In nearly every third world country in the world women are second class citizens. As an American woman I enjoy a high standard of human rights that I could never experience in any other non Western country. When you champion so called "insugents" you are championing those who oppress women. Half or more of the men imprisoned in Guantanamo would deny rights to women. They are welcome to rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

The average American is generally kind hearted, compassionate, etc like the average Muslim.
It's when the big boys clash that things go awry.
In any case, most ppl even the US operate on the basis of doing greater good.
Twisted as it may sound even when carrying the most gruesome of atrocities they truly, some of 'em, believe that they are bringing good to the Muslims.
Of cos, many are getting disillusioned with the war as young Americans are made to kill women and children in Iraq.
That's war...about power....resources...