Friday, October 3, 2008

Sabah Population Explosion

Hantu Laut

SAPP's MP for Sepanggar Eric Mojimbun said he would reveal the details that led to Sabah population explosion.He said the population has increased by a mind-boggling 285% between 1970 to 2000.

Sabahans have always complained about the high presence of aliens among the population and much to their frustration the Federal Government have ignored their plea to take appropriate action to rid the state of illegal immigrants.

Many aliens have been issued with Malaysian identity cards clandestinely by some unknown elements to fulfill their own political agenda.The Federal have time and again refused to look into the problems in spite of repeated calls by some Sabah leaders.Most Sabahans are at a loss as their pleas have fallen on deaf ears and the State Government has no power to deal with the matter.

The UNDP charts below would show that the fear of Sabah being overwhelmed by foreigners is not unfounded.

From the above charts one can conclude that Sabahans fear of becoming foreigners in their own land is real and if that is not enough it is also the poorest state in Malaysia due to years of plunder by state leaders and past neglect by the central power.

Although I may not agree with some of SAPP recent political rhetoric I believe an expos'e would be most welcome to reveal the truth and bring to book those responsible for this treacherous act.

The population in 1970 was 653,800.In 2007 the official figure was 3.4 million. The true figure of true Sabahan population would not be more than 1.5 million.To make matter worse the supposedly transient population had become permanent residents and multiplying faster than the local population and overwhelming the state public health care, educational facilities and other public amenities.

Don't you think we have become foreigners in our own land ?


guong said...

This indeed have been a long and contagious plague that have been affecting Sabah. I just hope this is not one of SAPP political antic. It somehow mimic Anwar's date of 'government'.

And also hope that it wouldn't stop there, after revealing the 'evidence' and just bla..bla.. with no action taken.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that Sabahan are the most prolific baby producer in the whole world? congratulation to the Sabahan..... :(


Anonymous said...

Most prolific baby producer in the whole world? Please Molongkolong, show us where you found this information. I am are eager to study your supporting documents.

Also, my worries mirrors guong's. Which is probably the same as almost all other Sabahans.

As for the question, I think native Sabahans will become foreigners in the future if the present situation persists.

donplaypuks® said...

A truly Glocal effort which should earn us another entry in the 'Genius Book of Records'!!

Congrats to Dr.M & Project IC Express. Now every illegal Filipino is re-classified as Bajau, and Hey Presto! becomes a Bumiputra. Wow, two races for the price of 1!! Truly a Towering achievement.

SM said...


We have knows this for a long time now. It's just that no one has shown proof. Well, maybe now it will finally come out but you can bet the BN will have a "good excuse" ready or it will just come up with the usual lies & expect the Rakyat to believe them.
Yes, Sabahans have become foreigners in their own land & many of these foreigners have not only become Malaysians but also Bumiputra Malaysians & have "more rights" than us Non-Bumi Malaysians in West Malaysia!
We should stop saying Malaysia Boleh & change it to BN (read: UMNO) Boleh!

Hantu Laut said...

You bet it will be another one of many by of our politicians.

Another "Panas-panas tahi ayam"

Hantu Laut said...


Bacause of our weak and selfish leaders Sabahans are just good at getting fucked.It's not the other way around.

Hantu Laut said...

Remember the guy who was detained under ISA for selling fake I/Cs and later released and given a RM200 million contract and bought 2 Ferraris.Rumours abound that he is not local but from the southern Philippines and become a member of UMNO.

Hantu Laut said...

It's sad but true.They are of the same stock so not so esay to tell the difference.

Hantu Laut said...

You certainly feel like a Sabahan but you have to stay there to appreciate what Sabahans have to face daily.

We go to the fish market, if we get cheated by them we dare not complain.If you complained you either get bashed up or get killed and it is not worth the trouble for the meagre amount.

SM said...


I can only imagine what Sabahans go thorugh. However, I had many Sarawakian & Sabahan class-mates during my Undergraduate days in UM & the "Malayisanization" of Indonesian & Filipino Foreigners was at its peak during those days, so I already knew what was going on even then.
The "only" way Sabahans (& Sarawakians) can show how they feel is through the "Ballot" box but for some reason they are not doing that. Really, I cannot understand this!
Sabahans should NEVER have allowed UMNO to enter Sabah. Now the only way to get rid of UMNO is to "vote" them out (or...hahahaha....for some "Kataks" to jump ship to the PR!).

Anonymous said...

Daniel... you didn't notice my sarcasm... hehehehe.. of course the population explosions came from the PTI..


kittykat46 said...

Many Barisan loyalists knew about the issue for years, but kept quiet, even denied such a problem existed, for partisan political reasons.

Its really beyond party politics now, the problem is huge.

I personally think its impossible to solve now. We couldn't very well forcibly send those improperly acquired "Malaysians" home. That itself would be an inhumane act. How about the 2nd or even 3rd generation ?

So true Sabahan natives will have to learn to live as a minority in the land of their birth. And UMNO will have a permanent grip on Sabah political power.

arieka said...

Human should not hate another human BUT I for 1 has difficulties not to.

My dad, a Batak Mendailing, arrived in North Borneo from Medan, Sumatera in 1959 (before Malaysia) and married my Mum, a Brunei Kadazan from Papar in 1967.

My birthcert & MyKad states that I am an Indonesian. I have requested NRD to change my race to 'Malaysian' but they refused with a reason that 'anak mesti ikut bapa' but my bapa was already a Malaysian since 1963!!!

And the PTIs have easily become a 'Bumiputra Sabah'!! Bodoh or what??!!