Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breaking News:Obama Won The Presidency

Hantu Laut

Barrack Obama won overwhelmingly.He got 297 Electoral votes, more than enough to secure the the Presidency.He will become the 44th President of the United States.

It was a thrashing for the Republican and for John McCain.

Well done America!

Congratulations! Barrack Obama.

A dawn for new world order.

More to follow.


kittykat46 said...

Those outside the US hoping for a new dawn in US foreign policy are in for a disappointment.
Sure, Obama isn't likely to start any new wars soon, and will likely look for aways to leave Iraq more quickly.
However, the core thrust of US Foreign policy is unlikely to change, except in emphasis. Very strong US support for Israel, a hard-line against Iran, and the "War on Terror" continues.

Obama cannot afford to be painted as "soft" on defense and terrorists.
Already, right wing groups have daubbed him "Obama bin Laden". Unfair label, for sure, but if he moves too visibly leftwards, it will stick...

Hantu Laut said...

Things can change and I think it will.

The American people are fed up with wars and an economy wrecked by incompetent and greedy leaders.

I expect a big change in its foreign policy when Obama took over the helm.He probably has the most exposures to other cultures among all past presidents.George Bush is not exactly an intelligent person.He is a trigger happy SOB.

You can see how badly the Republican and McCain were trashed.The same thing will happen to UMNO and the BN come next election if they don't change now.

The support for Israel will no doubt continue but there would be less gunboat diplomacy and belligerency against other countries in the Middle East.

America will turn to a policy of diplomatic and peaceful engagement not military engagement.

The US will pull out of Iraq in the next 24 months.

Just watch, if you think my predictions are wrong.

donplaypuks® said...

Since so many M'sian Ministers and politicians have backed an Obama win, dare we hope that they will abandon the Ketuanan Melayu racist, apartheid crap immediately and accept that a non-Malay non-Muslim can become the PM of M'sia in the near future?

Or is it all lip-service? Many are in for a big disappointment if they think that Obama is going to put the M'sian economy as No.1 on his priority list.

Bush has left him huge headaches like Iraq, Iran, Israel, N.Korea, Oil and the wayward Rabid Capitalist USA economy.

Hantu Laut said...

I don't think the US gives a damn about Malaysia.We are too insignificant for them to notice and I don't think Malaysian leaders give a damn too.

What we need is world peace.

SM said...


You said well done America! I agree. Only in America can a man whose father was an immigrant from Kenya (Black) married to a white woman, become President!
If Obama was Malaysian, he would be labelled a "Pendatang".
This is what we call "Real" Democracy!
Americans voted for Obama! In Malaysia, the ruling Racist Party chooses its President & he becomes the PM (most os the time they don't encourage competition so he wins uncntested). In Malaysia only a Bumiputra can become the PM. If you are a Non-Bumi Malaysian, you are a "Pendatang" & you are a Second-Class Citizen.
If a Malay (like Zaid Ibrahim) even dares to question the status quo, he is branded as a Traitor to his race.
In America, the Politicians end their speeches with "God Bless America". In Malaysia the UMNO Racists put Race first before Country!
Well, Rev. Martin Luther King had a "dream"! Today they interviewed his daughter who has seen his dream fulfilled.
Who knows, maybe we have hope (but I guess only when we get rid of UMNO)?!

Anonymous said...

0bama memang...

Saribu mongolian pun boleh menag!

Mongolian as Msia PM! That's for a change!

tengok najib & razak apamacam?