Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Candle Light Vigils With A Flaw

Hantu Laut

The group against the ISA organise regular show of their anti ISA stand by having what they called candle light vigil in various locations in Peninsula Malaysia.

What they intend to achieve by this regular maniacal show of solidarity against the ISA is hard to tell.It's almost like banging your head against a brick wall trying to push an issue against a government that only aren't listening but reacted with negative responses.

I am not against the anti ISA vigils.That's not really the issue I am concerned with.It's fine if they confine the vigils only to adults.It's the children. I can see in many of those vigils the presence of children as young as 3-4 years old.Both organisers and parents should be taken to task for exposing their children to this kind of dangerous culture. They knew fully well they are breaking the law and knowing our police force who do not take kindly to illegal assembly those children could get hurt or got lost in a melee.

If those parents brought their children to use them as instruments of compassion so the police wouldn't arrest them because of the children than there is something seriously wrong with them.Those children should be at home in bed not out in the streets late at night to participate in political activities of their parents.

Those in Hindraf had also shown similar irresponsible behaviour by using children to write letters,messages and sent flowers to meet the Prime Minister to appeal for the release of the Hindraf detainees.Aren't those children too young to be used in a political struggle.

Those who organised the candle light vigils and those parents actively involved should open their conscience and think hard whether those children should be there in the first place and whether they should ignore the potential dangers they are putting those children into.


Anonymous said...


Dun get these vigils.
Just show how out of touch from real life these activists are.
Lots of ppl stand to lose their jobs from factory workers to investment bankers.
So, if I have any demo, it will be Save Malaysian Jobs vigil...
And we'll all warm up with Yoga and the dress code will be pengkid!!

SM said...


The reason wht it's dangerous is because this desperate Government is willing to use its Police force to "attack" innocent Civilians.
Maybe they will shut more Police Stations in "dangerous" areas so they can concentrate on beating & arresting these dangerous civilians!

Anonymous said...

Kehabisan penyokong?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right. If you go around the blogs celebrating this "happening", you'd see they truly are revelling in the children's presence.
Romanticising it with the "angels' presence, etc. If anything untoward should happen, what then?

I'd rather take my kids to the wading pool at klcc (free meh) and spend quality time with them.