Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everything Alright Now ?

Hantu Laut

The Prime Minister managed to pacify Bernard Dompok by promising to set up a petrochemical industry in Sabah. Whether this promise will materialise is hard to say. Are there other considerations that we are not privy to? Pak Lah is leaving office soon and good luck to Dompok if he thinks that's going to happen.

Pak Lah has less than 5 months in office and the project has a gestation period of 5 years.Will Najib makes good Pak Lah's promise or would it end up the same as way as Pak Lah's promise to Mahathir to continue his legacy but didn't ?

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Anonymous said...

Dompok you won the battle but lost the war.
Do you think PETRONAS will listen to outgoing Dollah. PETRONAS based on business viability not politic on all it projects. Dollah based on popularity and day dreams . He is going out he does not care whether the project is viable or not or will b materialise or not, as long as UPKO stays in BN until March 2009, he will promise the moon.