Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCain's Political Coffin:Who Killed Him?

Hantu Laut

It's a speech that brought cheers and tears.Thousands gathered to listen to his moving and awe-inspiring speech.A man who spoke with humility and a deliverance that the American people have not heard for decades.Some listened with tears running down their cheeks.

When Martin Luther King Jr marched into Washington in 1963 and delivered his 'I have a dream' speech little did he imagine of a black man becoming the president of the nation.All he wanted were equality and civil liberties for his people.He got the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent work but one that he would later pay dearly with his life.He was assassinated on April 4 1968.If he had lived long enough, he would today stands proud to see the seeds of his toil bearing fruits and the dawn of a new nation, one that had brought down the wall of racial prejudices and had become completely colour blind.

It was an extraordinary day for America, a day history was made, a day the nation shocked the world and a day America stands proud as a nation that chose a leader not because of the colour of his skin but that of his visions.It wasn't about black or white,rich or poor, it was about change and change there must be.They voted for change and they knew change would come under him.

The American people have spoken.

Eight years of living under the intransigent policies of George Bush and the Republican have given them two unfinished wars and a wrecked economy.A nation that now suffers the consequences of bad leadership and insatiable greed of the wealthy.

It was the economic meltdown and the many years of wars that most American see as nothing more than war of attrition that gave Obama the opportunity to pick up tremendous amount of support.The people are just fed up with Bush's arrogant and belligerent policies.The wars have taken toll on American families who lost their sons and daughters to wars they are not emotionally connected with.

Obama made inroads into traditional Republican states because of the horrendous policies of George Bush.This is no simple victory.It's a landslide of enormous proportion for a first timer and someone unheard of barely four years ago.His looks and intelligence have also been strong points in helping him to reach the victorious end.

Obama is no George Bush or John McCain, he is intellectually smart, politically savvy and a fantastic orator.He knows his stuffs and render it to the people with ease and eloquence.His biggest asset is the attributes of honesty and sincerity.There is absolutely no streak of hypocrisy and pretentiousness in the man that are the fortes of many politicians.He is genuinely down to earth.No matter what's the colour of his skin the people will love him for what he is.

The financial meltdown was no accident, they are engineered by the big investment gurus on Wall Street as short-cut to huge and instant wealth without giving any consideration to its ugly consequences.These are pack of greedy wolves that have no bounds with their insatiable thirst for money and power made possible by Alan Greenspan with his doctrinarie of deregulation of the banking and financial system.

The horrendously incompetent George Bush and the bail-outs of companies and financial institutions on Wall Street were the nails that finally seal the political coffin of John McCain and thrashings of Republican in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Obama had come the worst of time.He inherited the leftovers of Bush's legacy, two unfinished wars, a wrecked economy and a nation in deep financial crisis.

It would be a long and difficult road for him and may God helps him all the way.

This was Martin Luther King Jr.

This is Obama


kittykat46 said...

On the sub-prime mortgages crisis, its roots started in the Clinton administration. The Bush Administration did nothing to nip the growing problem.

But its just plain politics to blame the crisis all on the Bush Administration - and doesn't help the lesson on how to avoid it in future.

MANTRA said...

A leader for the rakyat. Can we have one in our own homeland?

Yes we can! Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Takes more than 200 years for a Blackie to sit in the White House. Wonder when a Chinese descent going to be the next President of Amerika?

I am amused that somehow, certain segments are euphoric about similar senario being repeated in Malaysia, not realising that Malaysia has always had Black Priminister since Union Jack came down. Wakakakakakakkakak.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Hantu Laut said...

By any measure Clinton was a better President than that horrible Bush.

It does help to learn form past mistakes.

Hantu Laut said...

Welcome.The PM says can.Minority can become PM.

I don't know whether he is confused or I am confused.Maybe,we should ask Mahathir.

Hantu Laut said...

You are just being cynical.In Malaysia only Malays can be PM and Mentri Besar.Just look at Perak, the MB is from PAS, who has the least seat in the state assembly.

Maybe,100 years from now when you and I are long gone.

Anonymous said...

the KKK will have a nightmare for 4 years... :)


SM said...


To answer your question, I think it was a mixture of Bush (due to his disastrous Policies) & the Republican Party itself that put the final nail in McCain's Political Coffin.
All Obama had to do was keep to his agenda of "change" & remind the people that McCain will just follow Bush's policies.
Whereas McCain tried to use scare tactics to win votes (much the same way as UMNO has been doing all these years & still do!). Then he had a running mate like Palin. Yup, she has done well in Alaska but I guess he chose her to try & steal Hillary Clinton's "dissatisfied" supporters. Nope...did not work.
Finally, I guess we will see a Non-Muslim Bumiputra Malaysian PM in Malaysia one day, maybe another 100 years from now (sooner if we can vote UMNO out in the next GE!).