Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Way of The Viking

Hantu Laut

The photos below are of a friend who lives in Sabah for over two decades and is married to a local girl.He is a true blooded Viking.He likes tattoo of Viking warriors.

History of the Vikings here.

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In the past body tattoo was frown upon and deemed associated with criminal elements.It has now become a respectable form of art and body art decor.It is also getting popular with young ladies. While some flaunt them openly others would have them discreetly hidden in sensual parts of their bodies seen only by their intimate partners.

The photographs were taken discreetly using Nikon 500 mm telephoto lens.


kittykat46 said...

Many cultures have a body-painting heritage - I've seen some quite incredible pictures.

By the way, 500 mm telephoto lens !
You have got some heavy iron there - probably costs a bomb as well. Which Nikon model do you use ?

The longest lens in my collection is 300 mm. Anything more is too heavy to shoot hand-held for me, and I don't usually carry a tripod around.

Hantu Laut said...

The 500 I used before with my Nikon F series I bought some 25 years ago.It's a manual len which I still can use with my D300.The good thing about Nikon you can use most of the old lens with their new digital models.

You are right, the pics were taken using a tripod without which it would be impossible to get the sharpness and clearity.