Monday, January 19, 2009

A Harbinger Of Doom ?

Hantu Laut

In less than a year after the 2008 General Elections the BN have lost two by-elections, which have never happened for many decades before.

The result of the Kuala Terengganu by-election is a sad revelation of the moribund state that
UMNO is in now.It's the ugly truth of the growing contempt the people have for their arrogance, high-handedness, abuse of power and corruptions.Their leaders are still living in the past. Out of touch and disconnected.

This is the party that claimed to be the defender of the Malays, protecting their interests and preserves ketuanan Melayu.This is the party that tells the Malays 'Melayu dicabar' hoping to rile them up.This is the party that raised the keris to 'cabar' the other races supposedly for the Malays.This is the party that tells the Malay to be nationalistic.This is the party run by leaders that don't have an ounce of honest bone in them.

This is the party now rejected by the Malays, the very people they supposed to care and protect.

The Malays have stopped listening to their empty rhetoric and endless bullshits.

The people have given them three wake-up calls yet they are still fast asleep.The KualaTerengganu result tells a story.

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"Kuala Terengganu:A Harbinger Of Doom"


johari said...

Umno intellectual Ali Rustam said PR Malay supporters are delusional who believe by voting for the opposition (b4 Pas and now even DAP), they will go to heaven. He said that was the reason Umno lost despite the massive unparalleled input. You think this kind of response will make Umno wake up? Najib said it is a small setback and the people want BN. He was lying. Few days b4 the poll he said: “We have to win (the Kuala Terengganu by-election) because we want to make the victory a starting point for BN and Umno’s revival from the defeat in Permatang Pauh”.

Denial. He sets his own goal of winning. Invests in it and spends his entire time in KT and when he fails to meet his target, he says it is a small and the pple want BN. With Najib, Rustam, Muhyiddin and others helming Umno, you don't need any enemies from outside to destroy it. None of them is a man of ideas and public perception informed. Zilch! All of them have corruptiona cases as well. Why would the Malays mortgage their future by sustaining them?

Anonymous said...

Najib said "We are OK. its just a setback. Come GE 13, we will be OK".

We people will prove him wrong and dump BN into the artics.

Hantu Laut said...

They never seem to learn.Again, arrogance will eventually kill UMNO.