Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Najib's Version Of Failure.

Hantu Laut

PM- designate and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has admitted that the loss of the Kuala Terengganu by-election was due to negative image of the party and perception that its leaders were unfriendly.

I believe that's not all the reasons. The people were unhappy and fed up with multitude of other sins.Being unfriendly was not the main reason, it might be one of them, but it was the years of corruptions, mismanagement of the nation's finances and abuses of power that had driven the people away from UMNO and the BN.

It is also hardly a secret that most UMNO leaders flaunt their wealth and allow their spouses and children to openly display their extravagantly opulent lifestyle to the dismay of the masses.The people perceived that corruptions, rent-seeking and abuses of power were the sources of these wealth and considered them as ill-gotten.No one, no matter how smart he is, can become rich effortlessly and in such a short period.

Wealth can only come two ways, stolen or earned, and the gathering of wealth is a laborious and lengthy process, which needs toil, determination and preservation.Those who become rich quickly without sweat and tears think they are smart, they are not, they are the human leeches of society.That's exactly what happening to UMNO and the BN, the people were so disillusioned with their lack of moral standing and failure to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities and accountability many consider them as parasites. True or not, these are the perceptions that people have.

In most instances only businessmen can become wealthy, how some politicians not doing any business can be wealthy is beyond my comprehension.Some have become instant millionaires living in huge mansions and own stable of posh cars.Even those in the middle and lower echelons of the party had become so rich they can afford to buy numerous properties not only in the country but overseas, mostly in Australia and the UK.Whether it was by device or divine intervention such luck are not for every mortal.Only those who joined the party and endearing to those in power can have this kind of bestowed windfall.

Being seen as unfriendly is just a minor setback , the bigger reason for the people's rejection of UMNO were corruptions and abuses of power.The sooner Najib realises this the better it would be for the party and it surprises me that he didn't bring this up as part of the reasons.

They may not like to hear this but if UMNO wanted to survive the next general elections, the stealing must stop.

It wouldn't hurt to show a little humility.


Anonymous said...

That is a most accurate asessment of the state of affairs not only in UMNO but also on the leadership of all BN parties....

donplaypuks® said...

Just as many see the welcome rise of a new, friendlier USA under Obama, many see the death of a racist and corrupt UMNO and BN under Najib.

It does not help one bit that Najib's immediate response to the thrashing in KT is to retreat into the shell of denial. It does not augur well for the country or his Party!

SM said...


These guys i.e. UMNO (MCA, MIC, PPP & Gerakan are irrelevant) have lost the plot.
10 months after the last GE & he's are still saying the same crap!
I look forward to their demise soon (I guess the next GE is not too long to wait!).
Who knows Najib may "go" first (don't discount Pak Lah yet!)!

dinturtle said...

salam Hantu,

Well said !

A mother gave rm10 to her 10 year old son, 'go to the kedai runcit and buy me one bottle of Maggi chilli sauce'. that cost rm4 per bottle. The kid came back with a cap ayam chilli sauce, costing rm2, and gave back change rm2.
The mother asked her son why no maggi brand (cap ayam no good) and why change only rm2 not rm8 ?
The kid replied, a chilli sauce is still a chilli sauce, whatever brand. same what... but pocketed the difference of rm2 for being smart. Rm4 for aiskrim and Tora! candy - as upah.

Those days the kid would kena wallup like hell... but the mother beamed with pride, so proud of her son... the family would be rich in the future, they have a brilliant politician in the making !

Anonymous said...

Najib knows all this as well as you do! He just can't say it because he needs to be supported. If he is as open as you, that is the end of his political career!

Hantu Laut said...

Many in UMNO know it, it just that they don't have balls to admit it.Money, not the nation and people, is still their priority.

Hantu Laut said...

They wouldn't die yet.They still have plenty of time and, sometimes, miracles can happen.