Monday, February 16, 2009

Pakatan's Can Of Worms

Hantu Laut

From bigamist to nudity.The opening of Pakatan's can of worms.

Poor Elizabeth Wong had been had.Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

They say don't stand for public office if you have too many skeletons in the closet. We should not jump to conclusion and must give her the benefit of the doubt.Let's not judge her hastily but give her a chance to explain how nude photos of her can come to public domain.Who's the culprit? Are there more ?

When we are in love,besotted and infatuated we lost our sense and sensibilities.We put all our trusts in those we trust.In a moment like this we realise only in God can we trust.

Will there be more ?


Anonymous said...

you will only become a thieve once you get caught.
you are immoral once your morality had been judged by public,
you will only become a nudist if you are somewhere in a nudist bar or nudist beach but for your info elizabeth, there is none in malaysia.
That makes you immorally corrupts and whoever does/did that to you is irrelevant.
the fact is you are caught red handed or should i say red ****!!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true, a public person cannot have a private life. If one want to have a public office, give up privacy or if possible, be discreet about your privavcy and never ever be caught!

We do not yet know the circumstance in how the photos were taken, if it is truly an invasion of privacy like by hidden camera rather than indiscretion of a private moment of endearment, she is indeed the victim, but if it is the latter, she has no choice but to resign from public office.


Anonymous said...

I support Elizabeth Wong

Which ever motherfucker who took and distribute nude pixs of Eli Wong is not even worth to clean my toes.

If it’s her ex-boyfriend, then he should be the worst man alive. Making money out of others misery, much more it’s his ex-girlfriend, a woman who once trusted him.

kittykat46 said...

100% of human beings are naked at some point or another in the course of a day.

Would you care to explain whether you are any different ?

If someone photographed her naked without her knowledge, its NOT a skeleton in the closet and there's no reason for her to resign.

Anonymous said...

"..........Selangor opposition leader Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has urged state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong to resign following the circulation of her nude photographs............"

Hey ! Toyo , do you know that there is a quote which describe you well !?
That's " The empty vessel makes the greatest sound. "
or we the RAKYAT can buy you a giant mirror to reflect yourself.

"It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become toward the defects of others."

Francois de Fenelon (1651 - 1715)

donplaypuks® said...

It is really ridiculous to suggest that because of some alleged nude pics, Liz Wong should resign.

If we are to judge our Peoples' Reps by their moral standards, I dare say few of them were virgins before marriage and that more than half our BN MP's would have had to give up politics!!

This is not a case of Wong being involved in some porno or vice activity. Her privacy has clearly been invaded and there is no need for UMNO/BN to bay for her blood!! We all know many of their top officers have been involved in all sorts of dubious sexual as well as corrupt and financial misconduct. Have they forgotten about a certain very, very senior judge who burt his marriage certificate or the 'cigar' incident MP?

Anonymous said...

The first two anon and HL;

I do wonder how you three do your things in the bathroom or on your bed ? Fully clothed, head to toes ?

May be like you said this is your blog and it is your right to say whatever you wish and as a reader I should just accept it.

Well, I defend your right to free speech, as much as I defended mine.

You three are down right moronic in your comments ! Still think we live in the dark ages ? What Eli Wong did in this case is what normal being carried out their lives behind the closed door, not much different from other normal being.
The only difference is she was betrayed by a loved one.

One day, if these perverted act is allowed to fest itself, other malaysian may have the privy to view some of your private parts, splashing over the morning guttered tabloid, just over a cup of morning coffee.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Shes unaware of it.
And she did NOT pose for it.
Means if someone snaps your photo while you are taking a leak and not aware of it. Is that a crime?

The culprit is the one who took her pics and circulate it.
Nail her former bf and gets the answer.

Soi lek had sex romps with his close female friend.
His only "crime" was that some "interested" party secretly video tapes it.

We wants to see cases of nailing corrupter caught in the act.
We wants to see cases of criminals caught in the act.
Not cases of politician sleeping au naturel.
But be aware of what is wrong and what is right.
Is it a crime to be a nudist in my own bedroom?
get a life lah.

Nur Ain said...

Can of worms? It is the low class, heartless ones who celebrate the violations of other people. Here you have a woman who trusted her 15 year long boy friend and let in in her room and then he proceeds to take her photos while asleep and after they fall out, he tries to violate her and humiliate her by selling the photos to other parties who gleefully accept it. Honestly speaking, what kind of a journalist (And Muslims for that-in the Malay Mail) will not only accept but pay for those photos? I'm a woman, married for that and we have our own private photos taken at intimate moments and we share those who none. But imagine if my husband were to do a bad thing or beat me up or refuses to play his part in the family upkeep and I throw tantrums and the next day I say my photos in the internet for public consumption? Who is to be blamed? Me or the man who broke my innocence. Married couples, co-habitants and gal/boyfriends have intimate moments and lives and there is need for sanctity. WE should be demanding the blood of the evil man who has betrayed a hapless woman while asleep and the gutter journalists who try to gain through human anguish. It is baffling that you turn into politics and scream something Pakatan. It is not a party, it is a woman (imagine your daughter going through the same anguish) who was violated by a man she trusted. I'm angry as a woman and I feel selling body parts of wives, girl friends and etc is such criminal and evil thing to do. Plis show some sense of human dignity and stop politicising this issue and see how the innocence of friendship was broken and betrayed.

If Elizabeth, a hardworking woman were to quit her seat, what chance does Gerakan has to recapture it? Her seat was contested and held by Gerekan. Her seat is in Subang of Sivarasah Rasiah, surrounded by Shah Alam, Kota Raja, PJ Utara, PJ Selatan, Kapar, Serdan and Puchong. Did you notice one thing? None of those parliamentary seats is represented by BN. PAS, PKR and DAP represent and Selangorians aren't Sabahans. They handed 42 seats to the opposition, down from 2 in 2004 and they aren't praying for Umno and BN to make any return. All I can say that if she were to quit, PR will increase its majority and Bukit Lanjut voters, 55% of them are women. You think women will accept violations of humanm bodies and will entertain those who seek happiness through human anguish. If you are a man enough, tell men not to trade in their wives', girffriends' and co-habitants' bodies even if there are disagreements and break-ups. Ish! I'm outraged as a woman by this low class men and anyone who looks for politics through betrayal.

Anonymous said...


Rahim Thamby Chick, Hishamuddin Hussuein, the beer guzzling "good Muslim", Jamaluddin Jarjis, the ass grbber, Najib the port dickson and Altantuya mandrin, Azalina Othamn, Shahidan Kassim who has a child out of wedlock, or Adnan Yaacob's "fuck your mother" and middle finger fame, and corrupt elements like Khir Toyo who use state funds to fund his wife and her friend's activities and give out contracts, 97% of them to their family friends are moral and good and it is fine and there is no "hypocrisy" involved. But if a woman is betrayed by her husband, or boyfriend and her intimate phots sold for peanuts to gutter journalists to exact revenge for a relationship gone sour, you call it "worms" and celebrtate it. Now that takes us to a new level of human disgrace. I don't need to compare Elizabeth Wong's case to anything above neither do I intend to convince anyone here of anything but sometimes understanding human odium needs to read your piece here that lacks any sense of human good.

Hantu Laut said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the comments.It would be nice if you guys always read my articles in toto instead of taking a word, a sentence, a phrase and concluded it wrongly.

Idioms,proverbs and quotations are figure of speech.It can carry meaning differently from the words used.

"A Can Of Worms" means "a situation which causes a lot of problems for you when you start to deal with it"

It is not what some of guys think it is.It has no bad connotation.