Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return From The Dead

Hantu Laut

Just as I expected Najib will not get his dream team and the UMNO rank and file have shown they are not going to be cowed into electing candidates favoured by the top leadership.

The wind of change is brewing in UMNO and it is not coming from the top, it's coming from the bottom.They are also sending a clear message to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad to stop interfering in the party affairs. The results of the Youth and Women wings will have a bearing on the election of the deputy president and vice-presidents.

In November 2008 I wrote.......
In my earlier article "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned" I said I place my bet on Shahrizat winning the race against Rafidah.I still do and the ground swell is moving in favour of Shahrizat.

I believe majority of members of Wanita UMNO had already decided who they want as their leader.

Read the full text here.

My congratulations to Khairy Jamaluddin.Most have signed his death warrant. Only few can sense that the rank and file are fed up with being forced to choose leaders they have no liking for and will be sending the message across to the top. Of course, some will say he won by money politics.

Khairy should be given an important ministerial position to bring out the potentials in him.I am sure he will out perform many of the dead woods in the cabinet.A major overhaul of the cabinet should be Najib's priority.More young blood should be brought in.

I am sure many of my readers will not be happy with this suggestion but than I am a different kettle of fish, I don't have herd instinct, right or wrong, I make my own analysis and judgement. So far so good.

From what transpired the last few days, from Najib and Hishamuddin's speeches there were no specifics for changes other than asking the rank and file to give full support to the leadership and asking them to elect good and honest leaders. Najib wants leaders who are able and are themselves enablers, who dare to change and are receptive to change, and who dare to criticise and are willing to accept criticism.

This sounds like looking for a needle in a haystack. Where the head leads, the tail will follow and fish rots from the head first.If Najib can lead by example and rule honestly and fairly he should not worry who his men are.With the power in his hand he can weed out the corrupt and incapable ones. If the party want to survive the next elections it must show colour-blindness, the issue of race and religion should not be a constant reminder of who is the master.These words are better left unspoken.

Rabble rousing Hishamuddin, as usual, were in the mood for bashing and blaming others for the trouble in UMNO. This time it's not the Chinese or Indians, it's a fellow Malay whom he accused of being a traitor to the Malays.Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor to the Malays. Cliches that we have heard many times before and the Malays are not buying anymore.

There were more histrionics than a sincere desire for change. Hishmauddin is still as sardonic as before and have not learned how to be a punctilious leader.He certainly not an enabler that Najib was talking about.

The PM-in-waiting may be in for a bigger shock ?


XieAn said...


I am with you that Khairy should be given a prominent part in Najib Cabinet. Forward looking personnel in government will be good for our economy.

SM said...


So KJ is the most hated man in Malaysia?
I agree that the delegates have shown TDM to stay out but then again...didn't UMNO's Disciplinary Board give a warning to KJ (due to money politics)? Shouldn't the delegates have not voted for him?So what I see here is that Money Politics won. Was it a message to Najib? I doubt it.
As for Sharizat, well I agree that they should change the Wanita leadership. However, to me she is a traitor. She gave her word she would not go up against Rafidah (she AGREED on the power transition suggested by Rafidah). Then she gets the nominations & she goes against her word & stands against Rafidah.
Hisamuddin...well...he was playing to the gallery...DSAI bashing would go down well with the delegates (& it did!). As usual there was the innuendos of "belakang" being thrown in together with the "knowing smile"!
Najib's message of change is just that "a message" nothing more. When he clamps down on the opposition & the people & tons of other ""crappy" stuff, how can he preach change? Do as I say but not as I do?!
All I can say is that UMNO has not changed (don't kid yourself).

Anonymous said...

I have my own reasons for preferring M2T to be DPM.....

kittykat46 said...

Khairy was given a warning for "money politics" by the Ethics committee right ?

Even by UMNO's incredibly permissive standards on corruption, Khairy's been shown to be unclean.

Integrity comes even before any perceived or hoped for competence.
That's MY standard.

donplaypuks® said...

How is the richest unemployed/unemployable multi millionaire going to clear M'sian Assoc for Cows & Cars clearance and asset declaration vetting for a Ministerial post?

Oh, I suppose ther's always money left over from money politics splash out!! Ha, ha!

Hantu Laut said...

I would rather have Khairy than that sleaze from Selangor.Mukhriz is an extension of Mahathir that would add to Najib's new order, the end of Pak Lah's openess.

Khairy is more open to changes and is a doer, not a passive participant.

Like you, I see little chance of major changes in the party.The only change likely is going back to Mahathirism and if they do, that would be the final blow.The irony is, they all admitted they have a serious problem and the irony is again, they don't believe in what they say.

Brunt Council said...

Hold your dick from ejaculating. Will KJ be another short lived UMNO position holder? For what he dish out to Isa Samad, he may taste that same dishing?

Anonymous said...


from your reply to SM's comment, one question, why should UMNO year in and year out choosing the same group of people, especially those that has proven to be rotten as hell ? You expect a proven corrupter to perform for the people ?

Look further down at the supreme councils chosen candidates, a few names that strikes me are those clowns that makes the parliament resembling a circus are all there !!

Where have all the talent gone ?

Hantu Laut said...

Read my latest posting.This is Najib big chance to kick out the dead woods especially those who lost.

It is a matter of whether he wants to do it or not.