Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lure Of The Lucre And Bangkok Came To Bukit Gantang.

Hantu Laut

In Batang Ai both sides claim to have over whelming support and would win the by-election.What I heard through the grapevine is that the BN has the edge in this constituency.The people of Batang Ai may not be ready for change yet.

In Bukit Selambau, Kedah the crowded boxing ring is getting too too hot for the independents, attracted by the lure of the lucre but didn't get much attention from PKR and the BN. Both sides of the fence gave them both the lower and tall orders.All will lose their deposits. BN appears to be gaining ground but too early to tell.

In Bukit Gantang the Malays beginning to warm up to the BN but not good enough for a win without the Chinese and Indians supports. BN says it is not a referendum for Najib, Pakatan says it is. Pakatan has all the reasons not to lose this one.BN is in desperate mode here bringing half-naked singers and dancers to entertain the people in a Chinese fishing village and Zaid Hamidi says this is part of Chinese culture.

Look more like Western-influenced go-go dancers in Bangkok nightclubs.

Bukan budaya Cina lah ! Brother Zaid ! Yang lebih tepat ini budaya orang Barat yang disebar dan tersebar diseluruh dunia.


XieAn said...

So what are those contesting party are telling us in the three by-election.

On one hand is the BN selling progression and services to serve the people and ensure a sustainable growth for a viable economy, on the other side is PR which have noting to offer but doom and asking for the people's vote to make trouble to the government.

Those PR peoples, do not know when to fight, when to be humbled, What and how to work, how to engage, those trouble makers are combination of talibans, ex-convicts, con men, betrayers, crooks and useless clowns. They are very good in fanning the flames and fed the people with manufactured, venomous and horrendous news that our system are rotten and bad, even the learned HRH is not spare. Even worst, these undesired elements doesn't care about poor businesses condition and people running out of jobs with recession knocking at our doorstep, to them to worsen the economic condition in our country will be better for them to win election and easier to topple the government. They even hire foreigners to write bad thing about our leaders with the aim to distabilize the country. All the year round they have been campaigning, demonstrating and tearing down the government and its institutions.

Clearly Malaysian have already fed up with the endless politicking and wanted to end those unnecessary power struggle which will lead to destruction and opt for stability that we ride out of the current unfortunate economic situation in one piece, No doubt about it, this will only happen if BN win. Likewise victory for those trouble markers is to chart out a death future for the country, surely the strength of the people will be used as licenses to cause more troubles.

As such I hope the voters will have the sense and take this opportunity to stem out those gloom stirrers and give the trouble markers a clear and strong messages that the people do not want their empty rhetoric but a performance government which have the resources and substances to get things done.............

vinnan said...

Having scantily clad girls on stage shaking their butts "is the BN selling progression and services to serve the people and ensure a sustainable growth for a viable economy,"?
Wow never I my life have I seen such a brilliant economic theory.

I Chinese culture welcoming government officials who represents the crown with scantily clad girls is to say the least shameful and may even be considered treasonous.

XieAn said...


If you come to Penang, those performances are very popular in many celebration, even in some wedding. You are insulting those girls who are earning an honest living.

kittykat46 said...

"BN selling progression and services to serve the people and ensure a sustainable growth for a viable economy"

What I see is BN selling racism, oppression, threats, economic favoritism (definitely not sustainable).

The racism UMNO is selling in Bukit Gantang is really "Kau". And MCA smilling away sharing the same stage and the same bed.

XieAn said...


You must be blinded not to see that 52 years of BN rules have make the country prosperous. Look at the urban housing estate, look at our highways, look at the shopping malls, look how many Malaysia travel aboard for holidays.

Mat Salo said...

It's actually "Budaya UMNO" to be precise ha ha. Zahid and his ilk would never hesitate to play the "Chinese Bogeyman" card... To them it's just "good politics", that's all.

donplaypuks® said...

They flash their boobs, shake their bottoms and expose their legs and whoa, XieAn is salivating like that Mongolian Bitch Altan...ops, soory can't say that, Chinese bitch in copulent heat!!

XieAn, sorry man. What, you got some Govt contracts and handouts? Did some Alibaba nominee deals? Sold your soul for some crumbs?

If you can't see what a govt of thieves has done in 28 years, then we are all doomed!!

XieAn said...


My comments fit exactly with people like you. Simply spill venom to discredit people, that what PR people got. Your slander on me already demonstrated what I said is very true with you people. That the substances you people got.

vinnan said...


Did I mention anything about Chinese weddings or entertainment in one's private capacity? I am talking about paid government officials representing the crown. Nor am I insulting the girls. Such scantily clad women are from Western culture dancing in weddings for purely entertainment value. No cultural value I can assure you. Stop defending that UMNO asshole who as a so-called minister of Malaysia do not have a clue as to what constitutes Chinese culture. Next time read carefully.

SM said...


UMNO & BN will sell thier mothers if they had to (to win)!!!!!
My predictions are :-

Bukit Gantang goes to PAS
Bukit Selambau 50% - 50%
Batang Ai goes to BN (the Ibans are still asleep & will probably wake up when the BN has fully destroyed & stolen their lands, their rights & their daughters!)

By the way, I wonder if we can call today (3rd April 2009) Black Friday?!

kittykat46 said...

Bukit Selambau shouldn't be 50-50, PR should win there unless the turnout is low.

Everyone seems to be focused on the Bolywood drama being acted out by disgruntled ex-PKR members. The big secret is that UMNO Kedah's campaign has been weak and unenergetic. Don't forget this is a 50% Malay constituency.

Just got back there from a whole day and night smelling how the wind blows...out in the boondocks and by-ways....

XieAn said...


Twisting around is not a clever thing to do but rather a silly and unpleasant conduct. Can't blame you as most PR people are such type. You don't dare tell me who I want to support or defend, that is my choice.

SM said...


I hope you are right about Bukit Selambau (especially now since HINDRAF has come out with a Press Statement supporting the PR) but remember never underestimate UMNO or BN as they will use every dirty trick they can think of (& we all know that they are Masters at dirty tricks!).

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is so nice to see pro bn and pro PR together here.
But, i like to response to XieAn.

I think we dont mind even if bn brings in striptease show or the tiger show to lure voters.It is seditious to say that it is a Chinese culture .
If it is so, can i say gang bang and sniffing glue are malay culture?

Progress cannot be measured from just the number of buildings and shopping malls .Progress is how the gov. deals with her people.
It is always the ISA, tear gases, water cannons, ban this and that when the gov. deals with the common folks.
And if you say one more word then it is seditious and youre challenging the invisible social contract! We will send 2 live bullets to your mail box.
Not from me but some "celaka" will.

PR have fair share of rotten apples like the 3 from Perak and one taliban from Kulim.
We have Tony working on the highway tolls, Charles working on the Syabas water even Gwo Burne is working on something although he had a hard time reading gov.stuffs in Bahasa format and please read more news from the net as msm wont print about the good things that PR's people are working on .
If lowering water tariff and lowering toll rates are not seen as economic betterment as whole, what is?

BN cannot sustain anymore for long .For every ringgit used for "developement" 30 sen will goes into their pocket.

HRH cannot be spared, as they are Malaysians too. Dont you believe in nobody is above the law?
Raja nazrin said so too.

Hiring mat salleh to write bad things? RPK aint no white boy , me neither.And so are the dozens of bloggers .No need to hire outsiders when we gladly do this for free.

Voters voting for the oppositions , this we have the internet to really thank for. We get to see VKLingam uncensored.
We get to see how the polis bust up the citizens of Cheras Mahkota .

My last words. you can make some friends with the bn but dont let them bribes you .
We dont want Rasuah to be Budaya Malaysia.

XieAn said...

Khun Pana aka johanssm,

So you are saying that PR are angels, you don't preach that to me, go teach your negative thoughts to your kids.