Friday, April 17, 2009

We Are In A Haze! No Rhetoric And Histrionics Please.

Hantu Laut

Is 1 Malaysia going to be like 'Islam Hadari', an oracular slogan , widely misunderstood and nobody knows exactly what it is. The Prime Minister denied it is the same as Malaysian Malaysia promoted by Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was still in Malaysia.What is it than ?

A slogan without substantive information and without the seriousness and sincerity to implement would end up making the people more weary and distrustful of the government.

With Mahathir we had 'Bersih Cekap Dan Amanah', a complete misnomer because corruptions actually grew under his administration as compared to previous administrations. Under Abdullah we have 'Islam Hadari' every one knows the name but doesn't know what it is and was never implemented other than staying on the lips of the progenitor. Now, under Najib we have '1 Malaysia', a catchy slogan but still a complete mystery to most Malaysians.

Rhetoric and histrionics bespeak the kind of politicians we have on both sides of the political fence.Mere voluble without any element of substance. Political gimmickry at best.Malaysians are more interested in how government actions can translate into benefits for them. Slogans are useless if they don't materialise into actions.

Najib has only three years to bring about drastic change to the government poor image.Recent racialist outbursts by those aligned to the ruling party are not doing him any good and may spoil his attempt to narrow the bridge among the races.He must fully explain his 1 Malaysia concept and how the various races can benefit from it.

The people have had enough of slogans, political bumbling and empty promises.It's time to give the realm of practicality, honesty and reality to the people.Action speaks louder than words.

Najib's government must make certain sacrifices if he seriously want to bring the people back to its fold.


Anonymous said...

Perak? Erm, they have to do something JUST and FAIR about Perak.

MikeLing said...

Can't really blame them. His team used to watch "Republic BBM" and couldn't understand "The West Wing".

donplaypuks® said...

Yes, Islam Hadhari was very iffy and when Mahathir uttered 'Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah' he was delivering the kiss of death!.

But what's so difficult to understand about 1 Malaysia?

It means we put MERITOCRACY first and race a distant, distant, distant second. It means affirmative action policies will apply across the board to the deserving, based on incomes means testing and irrespective or race, creed, colour or religion!

That's not too difficult to grasp, is it?

But then if you believe you are Go's chosen people, and are too dependent on crutches, directly negotiated one sided Crony contracts and handouts for an eternity and a day, you cannot accept it!!

SM said...


I guess you are smart enough to have realised that "1 Malaysia" is just that! A slogan!
From what Najib has been doing, it's just a lot of crap talk.
Just look at the articles coming out of the Utusan Malaysia. Exactly the opposite of what he's saying.
With Mahatir back in the driving seat? Oh God please help us!

SM said...


BN (UMNO) not going to vie for "Penanti"?!
Hahahahahaha! They suddenly have got a concience & want to save the Rakyat's money?! Hahahahah!
I think it's rather "Cluck...Cluck...Cluck...Cluck...Cluck..."! Chickens...they suddenly realised that even though they try to bribe the Rakyat, it ain't gonna work!