Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Is Raja Petra ?

Hantu Laut

Where is RPK? Shouldn't he stays back and fight for the truth? Is this another one of his demur and grandstanding?

He has written hateful invectives against those he doesn't like or political leaders he perceived of unsavoury characters.Reviled and dragged them through the muck without an ounce of guilty conscience. Sometimes, the truth is inconsequential. Sometimes, the truth will never be found.Sometimes, the truth prevails.Sometimes, we all failed to see the truth.

To be fair to him, he has brought openness and exposed abuses in government that many men in the streets wouldn't know of.He has thrown down the gauntlet at those he deems unsavoury.His fearless and insufferable ways have brought the law against him.

Shouldn't he stays back and prove to the people that "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" instead of running away from the law.

"You have made your bed, now lie in it" says an old adage.

Some people think he has left the country.It's unlike him. Once a fighter, always a fighter. He has come all this way, giving up is not a choice he would like to have.

You are a hero of the people, stay back and fight the injustice ?


Y1 said...

I disagree.

He has given 3 reasons. Chief of which is dodgy judiciary and police enforcements. He had suffered twice under the untenable ISA. The appeal by the govt against ISA appeal success is obviously lopsided compared with RB.

History is repleted with brave patriotic people who fled the tyranny of their own country to fight for the freedom for their beloved country from outside the clutch of unjust laws. However one looks at the present judiciary, it is far from being seen to be independent. So is the Police. With all these odds stacked against him, I think RPK is doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

blah la rpk..

in his previous articles berani betul dia ckp he doesnt care what happen to him as long altantuya gets her justice...

the court is the perfect avenue for him to cough up all the evidence he claims he has all these months abt the murder.



self impose exile some more.. in this modern age..

apa la bangang si botak ni..

Fatimah Zuhri said...

1. Whatever reason given by RPK die hard supporters to back RPK, this time around, he had move a wrong move.

2. For sometime now he potrayed himself to everyone how he is 'anak bugis'.

3. How he will fight until the end and so on...

4. All of sudden he do a 360 turn.

5. In Malay culture, we say Berani Buat Berani Tanggung.

6. RPK was so full of himself that he felt he can do anything even if that means spreading horrible lies about our PM and his wife!

7. When the time comes for him to walk the talk, he ran away.

8. The excuse of the judiciary is not fair is simply pathetic! Even Karpal uses the judiciary to defend himself!

SM said...


South Africa had Nelson Mandela, India had Mahatma Ghandi, even the US has Obama & Malaysia has RPK.
Whatever RPK does, he does for a reason. I'm sure he will turn up somewhere when the time is right. UMNO can't afford to have RPK running loose. One way or another they will ensure he gets locked up.
You can be sure he will fight this Racist, Bigoted, Corrupted UMNO regime to the end (noone can tell him to stand & fight as we ALL know he will do just that)!

Hantu Laut said...

Raja Petra is not in the same league as these two great men.

Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Gandhi was also in prison for many years both in South Africa and India.They are prisioners of conscience against tyrannical regimes.

Obama did nothing for the blacks, never had to struggle or suffer discrimination, he became President by popular votes by all Americans.