Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anwar: I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has thrown the ball in the UMNO Supreme Council's court for a decision on the Penanti by-election.Surely, there will be some heroes who think UMNO can wrest the seat from under the very nose of Anwar Ibrahim who is playing catch me if you can with UMNO. Many more of these games will be played out in the very near future to denigrate Najib, disparage UMNO and to display a concocted cohesion of the coalition for the consumptions of the adherents

Former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi says the BN has good chance of winning the seat as the Malays are now moving back to supporting the BN particularly UMNO. Your guess as good as mine whether this claim can hold water.If what Abdullah says is true than it's must be true and Mahathir was right that the near fiasco of the March 2008 General Elections was a rejection of Abdullah's leadership.Can Najib regain the support of the Malays in such a short period ? I doubt!

To regain the lost legacy would need major changes in policies.The BN lost its lustre mainly on the people's grouses of massive corruptions and abuses of power.These are critical areas that Najib needs to look into and make solicitous changes. Such solicitude must be seen, felt and appreciated. Pouring billion into development projects and still using the old formula will not buy back the hearts of the people.Politicians have the habit of saying one thing and doing something else and those in
UMNO and PKR are the worst offenders.

It's time to say enough is enough.The government can't afford by-election every few months.It has a duty to govern and stabilise the economy.By-election, unless by reason of death, insanity or criminal acts, are major distraction and a waste of public funds, time and manpower.

I would be surprise if UMNO could win this one.

Anwar should be left to his own device and like the Rolling Stones let him get no satisfaction.

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