Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perak Crisis Round 2: Back To Square One

Hantu Laut

As I have said earlier the Perak crisis will enter Round 2.

Today, the Court of Appeal has granted Zambry the BN backed MB a stay of execution and to continue as MB until the case is disposed off.

It's back to square one for Nizar. There will be appeals and counter appeals.The constitutional jugglers and peddlers would continue to spin their own version of the constitution.

Unfortunately, the joy, a flash in the pan, was short-lived for Nizar, Pakatan and their supporters.It's back to spit and sputter for Pakatan supporters on unfair judiciary, political intrigue and a tale of cloak and dagger of the BN government.

Maybe, someone in Pakatan can suggest some street demo and civil disobedience to maintain their political culture of defiance.Well, let's hope they respect the court's decision.

Round 2 will be slow and painful for Pakatan.


Y1 said...

So, true to form?

Super duper fast track appeal hearing. I don't ever recall such speed, ever. Must be a Guiness World record.

Does this not raise suspicions that the judiciary is at the beck and call of UMNO? Ok not all of the judiciary as yesterday proved, there are still a few brave independent judges.

UMNO can trample upon justice, but how long can this last? Even the more sensible and sensitive Malays are ashamed. The only way out is let the people decide. What is UMNO afraid of, the people?

Y1 said...

Court of Appeal judge Ramly Mohd Ali today heard the stay application on his own, DEPARTING from the usual practice of convening a three-member panel.(From Malaysiakini)

This adds even more fire to the already deep seated suspicions.

kittykat46 said...

The lack of confidence in the independence of the judiciary is a deeply rooted one, and not some dreamt up Pakatan spin.

A Royal Commission, no less, found seriously irregular interference in the appointment of judges. To this day, ZERO action has been taken on the findings of the Royal Commission.

By the way, you may be aware that many international companies which enter into contracts with Malaysian firms insist that contract stipulate - the judicial jurisdiction in case of legal dispute shall be the Courts in....usually either Singapore or India. NOT Malaysia.
Does that sound like foreign investors have confidence in the Malaysian judiciary ?

"Korek, Korek, KoreK, KoreK"

Purple Haze said...

While not quite irregular, it is unusual that

a) The appeal was heard and decided in less than 19 hrs

b) There was one judge sitting and not the usual 3

c) For a case of such huge importance, the sitting judge is perhaps the most junior Court of Appeals judge, having joined in April 2009.

d) The stay of execution is not clarified as being an interim or permanent. We assume that it is interim.

e) YB Nizar's lawyers just happened to be in the vicinity. Otherwise, there would have been no representation from the plaintiff.

That is not to say that Justice Ramly Mohd Ali is not experienced but given the gravity of the situation, surely more focus should have been given by the Court's Registrar ?

Or if one subscribes to a conspiracy theory, why the rush ?