Monday, May 25, 2009

Reminiscing The Past: Know Any Communists? Just Write Box 5000

Know Any Communists? Just Write Box 5000
Friday, Jul. 12, 1968

As darkness fell over the abandoned pineapple estate in southern Malaysia, 50 miles from Singapore, police moved in and took up positions among the trees. Thus ensconced, they witnessed a strange rite. On an open-air stage, blue-clad men and women in their 20s sang, recited the sayings of Chairman Mao Tse-tung, and performed acrobatic dance versions of his most intrepid deeds before a rapt audience of other youths. The police waited until the performance had ended, then moved in quickly and arrested 123 performers and members of the audience. The pineapple estate was a clandestine Communist Party school where young students, all of them Singapore or Malaysian Chinese, lived, studied and were taught the arts of subversion. The place was well stocked with propaganda material, including a beribboned Red Guard doll. From captured documents and prisoners' confessions, the authorities pieced together an ominous picture of the growing Communist presence in Malaysia, the conglomerate of former British territories in Southeast Asia

Talks with Thailand. By 1960, after twelve years of bitter guerrilla fighting in Malaya, most of the country's 10,000 Communist terrorists had been subdued by British and Malayan forces. The drive was a notable success, often wistfully compared with the considerably different results in Viet Nam. But the Communists have never completely abandoned the field. Going underground, pro-Mao Communists have infiltrated trade unions and set up cover organizations and political parties. Worried officials report that in Sarawak, bordering Indonesian territory, Communists have successfully penetrated the whole fabric of society, from political parties to schools. In some rural areas, agents are openly training youths in armed guerrilla warfare.

To gain broader support among Malaysia's 3,000,000-plus Chinese minority, the Communists have played on traditional racial antagonism against the Malays. Recent Communist-organized harassments have included bloody race rioting on the offshore island of Penang. The Communists are not strong enough to contemplate open insurrection now, but the Malaysian government fears that they are preparing to make a bid for power when British troops withdraw from Malaysia in 1971 as part of their pull-out east of Suez.

Source: 'Times' magazine


leman said...

harap dapat tuan dan blog pro umno sokong kempen no2anwaribrahim916 dan naikkan logo no2anwarivrahim916 TQ silalayari

Anonymous said...

If you replace the communist wordings to UMNO, it would not be much difference except Communicst pushes ideas of shared resources while UMNO peddles for 'gondol duit rakyat' and won't share with rakyat.

Just like the people here condemn CPM, but who gives the rights to UMNO to plunder the rakyats money? In the guise of 1Malaysia? What lots of bullshit!

eddy said...

Bro, be alert you have a CT sympathiser in Anonymous 10:22 talking about sharing resources when the People's Republic of China had long left the failed idea of communism in favour of controlled capitalism.

Hantu Laut said...

I agree with you.

Sad, the politics of Anwar Ibrahim is misguiding the youths in this country.Now, they prefer communism than democracy.

This is a dangerous trend as I have read many pro Chin Peng comments in Malaysian Insider.They are trying to make a hero out of him.

As far as I am concerned Chin Peng shoud be tried for murder if he comes back to Malaysia.

Hantu Laut said...

I have visited your blog.Carry on the good work.

eddy said...

Bro, totally agree with you and the only way that Chin Peng can be allowed to enter this country is in handcuffs to face a charge of crimes against humanity. Under his direct orders Malays,Chinese and Indians besides the Brits and Commonwealth civillians and soldiers were killed, murdered and maimed by his band of Communist Terrorists (CTs).

Malaysian Insider? It used to be a news portal used to prop up Abdullah's Badawi image in the net with unknown editors and owners. With Abdullah retired, Malaysian Insider political articles are now published to inflame and incite the people against the BN Leaders and Government. The comments allowed are akin to rabid comments always found in Malaysia Today, I think those who read and take slanted info from Malaysia Today will read and comment in the Malaysian Insider.

These attempts by a few Chin Peng hardcore sympathisers to make him a hero is doomed to failure bro, because there are millions more whose families were made widows,orphans, crippled and lost limbs who will never forget the atrocities he did and was responsible for when he was Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya. Chin Peng is a criminal against humanity who deserved to be hanged.

vinnan said...

Hei Eddy UMNO asshole,

'Bro, be alert you have a CT sympathiser in Anonymous 10:22 talking about sharing resources when the People's Republic of China had long left the failed idea of communism in favour of controlled capitalism.'

Anon's question was what gave UMNO the right to plunder the country in the same vein that the CPM has no right to plunder the country. calling people CT sympathisers fro taking a stand against corruption makes you no more than an UMNO asshole.

If you find my calling you an UMNO asshole offensive you should also consider how calling others CT can also be offensive. Remember YOU started this first.

SM said...


Are you guys serious? Communists? Please...the communists are dead & gone lah...never to come back again. So DSAI is promoting communism among the youth?
HL, I know you hate DSAI & love UMNO but even this is below you!
Don't let your Blog become a HATE DSAI site at all costs! Don't lose your integrity man.

Anonymous said...

These kaki ampu (UMNO) are so full of themselves that they don't know how to read! Anyway, enjoy your short stint for in coming election, your kind will be the opposition voice.

Ha ha ha..... See who gets the last laugh by then.

Hantu Laut said...

That's unfair statement I never said Anwar is promoting communism, I said he is misguiding them.

I wasn't wrong in what I say, read some of the pro Pakatan blog and see for yourself how some of them glorify Chin Peng.Even some BN politician asking the government to allow him back.

Yes, let him come back and like Pol Pot and those Khymer Rouge butchers charge him for crimes against humanity.That's what the government should do.

If Nazi war criminals can be brought to justice after more than half a century, why not Chin Peng?

Please do not twist history and glorify Chin Peng.

SM, I don't hate Anwar, he is undoubtedly a clever person, but I don't want him as a leader, there is something in him that scares me. Time will tell.You will find out when or if he becomes the PM.

SM, the privilege to whack is not only yours.I have never used unsavoury language on any politician including Anwar as much as other Pakatan bloggers and supporters have on Najib and UMNO.

Just look at that chap Vinnan, calling others asshole just because he can't comprehend the meaning of communist terrorists.

vinnan said...


I do know CT stands for Communist Terrorist. Calling others CT is offensive if you know anything firsthand about what fighting the CT means. Many non-Malays and Malays were killed or maimed in the fight against the CTs. Many of their descendants are around today. They saw how their fathers, uncles, brothers and other relatives paid dearly in fighting the CTs. When you call someone who is not a CT a CT you dishonour that person and you also dishonour the sacrifices of those who fought the CT. My uncles name was on a hitlist of the CPM which the SB found in a raid. From that day onwards he spent more time sleeping with his .38 Smith and Wesson than his wife.

Eddy the UMNO asshole who thinks calling someone a CT is not a serious matter is an UMNO asshole and you are a bigger UMNO asshole for supporting him. Do you have any other meanings for CT here? By the way the CTs were not all affiliated with the CPM. This is something you UMNO assholes will never be able to comprehend of course. If UMNO insist on calling those who are against corruption CTs, UMNO can kiss goodbye to a lot of votes.

SM said...


I too agree that Chin Peng should not be allowed back into the country (there are a lot of older Chinese who also hate him as his kind killed many Malaysians...they were probably the first group that did not discriminate amongst the races!).
However, if I am not mistaken, there are a few Malay (here we go again with race!) Communists (or Ex-Communists) who have been allowed back into Malaysia (I could be wrong but I'm sure I read a few articles some time ago on this. And if I'm wrong I apologise).
As for DSAI, well, love him or hate him, with the way our Police (now don't tell me the PM & Home Minister are not involved in what the Police are doing) are carrying on, you can bet in the next GE...UMNO (MCA, MIC, PPP & Gerakan are alreday gonners!) will suffer even more!

SM said...


By the way, as you know I do not condone using vulgar or crude language. However, you would have noticed both the pro-BN & pro-PR commentators who comment regularly here are prone to such language. Goes to show that Malaysians are quite alike after all (& the way we are going...well...we can forget about Vision 20-20...maybe we sould change it to vision 20-50)!

Hantu Laut said...

You are a CT sympathiser.Eddy wasn't wrong. The CPM not involved in terrorism.Yeah, you are right.Wonder which history book you reading.

Asshole! Do you need to use such word to improve your English?

eddy said...

1. Bro do not bother too much about that Vinnan fella, I certainly don't. However much he wants to spin it and label others, it does not in any way change that Vinnan is an obvious Communist Terrorist sympathiser.

2. Yes En SM you are right, there is a Regiment ke10 PKM made up of Malays and its OK to talk about it, after all we are not talking about race here as Communism is an idealogy which knows no race same as when Chin Peng ordered his CTs to murder Chinese,Malays and Indians who are fighting against them. By the ways a notable Malay PKM leaders namely Rashid Maidin who accompanied chin Peng in the Baling talks with Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1955 , who died in 2006 and was buried in Narathiwat, South Thailand not in Malaysia.

Some readers might want to know more about the Baling Talks between Tunku and Chin Peng in 1955 ...pls try this link: